Ice cream is magical and Sweet Alchemy on the Ave gets that. Their flavors tread off the beaten path to lead you to a higher plane of organic, creamy goodness. Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to try out flavors you never even imagined could be turned into ice cream.

1. Organic Sweet Cream

sweet alchemy

Photo courtesy of @sweetalchemyseattle on Instagram

Their base ice cream is made with organic and sustainably sourced eggs. The taste is simple but refined. It’s perfect for those of us who have a not-so-sweet tooth.

2. Banana Nutella Crunch

sweet alchemy

Photo by Daniah Mohammed

Nutella. You can’t resist it. The Italian hazelnut cream that enchants us so, harmonized with bananas and nuts. When classic chocolate just isn’t cutting it, let your self embrace nutella, wonderful nutella.

3. Mint Brownie

sweet alchemy

Photo courtesy of @echisofwan on Instagram

Capturing the flavor of mint isn’t easy but they’ve got it down. Way too often, mint-infused sweets feels more like eating toothpaste, but the mint here is for real. Once the milk is steamed, the mint is steeped for two days. The end product is an refreshing herbal treat perfect for when you want something a little light.

4. Avocado and Honey

sweet alchemy

Photo by Samantha Thayer

When owner Lois Ko lived in South Africa, people would eat toast spread with avocado and honey. The creamy texture of avocados actually work really well in ice-cream form. The flavor of the avocado is subdued by the honey, giving just the right amount of sweetness.

5. Golden Milk

sweet alchemy

Photo courtesy of Christin Urso

Now we’re on to the really “out there” stuff. So named after it’s two main ingredients: turmeric and ginger. The color is a vibrant golden yellow, like a sunset after a sunny day. As for the taste, the ginger was very present followed by a turmeric aftertaste. A little peculiar but a good flavor to try for the adventurous eaters out there. It’s also just pretty to look at.

6. Basil

sweet alchemy

Photo courtesy of @rosie_lg on Instagram

As if your world wasn’t shaken by turmeric and ginger already. The little leaves usually found on top of margherita pizzas found a new gig as an ice cream flavor. With its slightly herbal flavor, it reminded me of a refreshing sorbet. I want to try it again on a warm, sunny day. Seattle weather, please make that happen.

7. Toasted Black Sesame

sweet alchemy

Photo courtesy of @amigaswithfood on Instagram

The black sesame ice cream is really a treat with its rich, roasted, nutty flavor. It may be a bit strange for the uninitiated but once you get used to it, you’ll never turn back. Ko tapped into Korean cuisine known for their myriad use of sesame to bring this flavor to the Ave.

8. Strawberry

sweet alchemy

Photo courtesy of @Youfoodz on Instagram

Strawberry is a pretty standard flavor for ice cream but this one has a lot of thought put into it. Strawberries have a high water content making it hard to keep its flavor during the ice cream making process. Ko solved that by using the juiciest strawberries she could find. What’s better? They come from Remlinger Farms, a local farm in Carnation, WA. Yay, local businesses!