Butter sometimes seems like the unsung hero of the culinary world. While it constantly makes other foods like pancakes, popcorn and cookies taste amazing, butter is only treated with a vague appreciation. After years of undeserved neglect, it’s time for butter to come out from behind the curtain and be star of the culinary show.

1. Chive Butter

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One of my personal favorites, this butter tastes great on just about anything but is particularly amazing slathered on some fresh focaccia or crusty French bread. With the chive adding just a little extra onion flavor, this butter is sure to make formerly bland foods exciting. Simply mix a tablespoon of finely chopped chives with a stick of softened butter and you’re good to go.

2. Lime Zest and Mint Butter

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If you’re looking for a way to shake up your usual morning fare, this versatile butter tastes superb when spread on some warm toast, any form of sweet bread or a muffin. The coolness of the mint and the bitterness of the lime zest combine to create a delectable balance of flavor. Combine a stick of softened butter, the zest of one lime and a few finely chopped mint leaves.

3. Gingerbread Butter


Photo by Sarah Comerford

The pièce de résistance of flavored butters, I guarantee this gem will gain you at least five new friends. If you’re as much a fan of cookie butter as I am, this butter is perfect for you. In order to make this masterpiece, you just have to mix a tablespoon of molasses, a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 a teaspoon each of ground clove and nutmeg. Fair warning: you might get a little addicted to this butter and try to put it on just about everything.

4. Lemon and Thyme Butter

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Still not satisfied with your standard morning routine? This flavor combination will surely improve your toast-eating experience. The combination of the acidic lemon zest with the sweetness of butter and thyme will take boring toast and make it fabulous. All you have to do is take the zest of one lemon, a sprig of chopped thyme and a stick of butter and mix them all together.

5. Honey Butter

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Photo Courtesy Dino Giordano via flickr.com

The simplest of all classy butters, this luxurious topping combines the rich sweetness  with smooth creaminess to create a mouth-watering spread. Just mix one tablespoon of honey with one stick of butter and get ready to impress a whole lot of people with as little effort as possible.

6. Rosemary and Black Pepper Butter

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As one of those things that tastes just as wonderful as it sounds, this recipe proves that rosemary and black pepper were meant to be. While this butter tastes good on most types of bread, it really shines when spread on a freshly grilled steak. Using a fork, work a finely chopped sprig of rosemary and a 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper into a stick of softened butter.

7. Apple Butter


Photo by Maggie Gorman

Sort of a cross between apple sauce and jam, apple butter has a rich, delectable flavor that is sure to leave you dreaming of fall. A little more involved than the other recipes, apple butter may not technically contain any butter, but it’s so delicious…I won’t tell if you won’t. Try a simple recipe like this to get you going.

8. Berry Butter


Photo by Hannah Lin

Have you ever been in the mood for jam on your toast but you also kinda want butter? You probably chose one over the other, or compromised and put one on each slice. Well I’m here to tell you a solution that will quiet your inner conflict. Simply cook your favorite berry down until it’s soft, then mix it with some softened butter.

Not only are these butters all super easy to make, but each one is a gift that keeps on giving. Throw any of them in a sealed container, toss it in the fridge, and you’ll get to enjoy  your amazing creation for weeks to come (if you and your friends don’t eat it all the first day). Just be warned – you might find yourself a little more reliant on butter than you expected.



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