It’s been one hell of a month. 2015 greeted us with Coach K’s 1000th win, a disappointing snowstorm, the introduction of new Ben and Jerry’s cookie core flavors and some serious foodstagrams. Welcome to the first installment of our #DukeSpoon Instagram series. We’ll be featuring the dankest Duke and Durham food photos that use #DukeSpoon, so start hashtagging (hint: we can’t see or feature your photos if they are private!), and follow @spoonuniversity_duke for daily drool-worthy Instagrams. And don’t forget to keep using #SpoonFeed on all your foodstagrams for a chance to be included in the national features. Let the games begin.

A photo posted by Emma Miller (@emmarena) on

Nothing says Southern brunch quite like this mean chicken and waffles from Dame’s.


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That’s a seriously pretty yogurt bowl. Props.

You had us at “Monuts.”

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This vegan chocolate coconut bliss ball is, indeed, sheer bliss.

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#Yolkporn at its finest.

That latte is almost too pretty to drink. But then again…

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If that’s not a perfect cookie, I don’t know what is.

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If this is eating healthy, then I think we can all get on board.


More food porn ahead: