Food mash-ups have become one of the hottest food trends in the past year. Also known as a “food hybrid” or “food portmanteau”, this ood concept takes elements from two dishes and combines them into one unique food. The cutting edge trend is all about taking risks and jetting food-lovers outside of their comfort zones. Below are the top ten food mash-ups that are on the market today. What would you be willing to give a taste?

1. Cheesesteak Egg-rolls: The Continental

The cheesesteak eggrolls are a must have for any meal at the Continental, a chic and trendy tapas restaurant. The crispy eggroll shell is filled with mouthwatering chopped steak and topped off with melted cheese crispy onions and Siracha ketchup. This interesting spin to the classic Philly Cheesesteak gets two thumbs up.

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Continental

2. Sushi Burrito: Hai Street Kitchen

Innovative, nutritious and unique, Hai Street Kitchen & Co. is a fresh and urban Japanese-casual restaurant. Hai Street has created the perfect Mexican and Japanese hybrid, inventing the Sushi Burrito.

Hai Street Kitchen: Philly’s New Hybrid

Photo by Genny Liebes

3. Belly Donut: North River

North River Cafe offers an extremely unusual burger: two coconut donuts act as the buns for a juicy salt-cured pork tenderloin. The combination sounds peculiar, but the flavors go surprisingly well together. The Belly Donut meets the needs of all taste buds and is the ultimate fusion of sweet and savory.


Photo Courtesy of Nicole Lam/Serious Eats

4. Kobe Oishii Hotdog: The Slummin’ Gourmet

The Kobe Hotdog is a gourmet spin on the classic American hot dog. It uses a luxurious kobe beef hotdog, which is topped off with wasabi mayo, teriyaki, nori, bonito and daikon sprouts. With an item description like that, you would think that you were eating at a five star restaurant!

Photo Courtesy of The Slumming Gourmet

5. Pizzabon: Cinnabon

It’s as if the Cinnabon had an identity crisis and decided to go savory. The Pizzabon has the same shape of a Cinnabon, but with various spiral layers of pizza dough. Tomato sauce and pepperoni are sprinkled in-between the pastry, which is topped off with bubbling cheese.


Photo Courtesy of Todd Brock/Serious Eats

6. Mac and Cheese Pancakes: Shopsin’s

Shopsin’s has an extensive menu filled with lots of unconventional menu items, including the Mac and Cheese Pancakes. Top these babies off with a tad of maple syrup to give your mouth a confusing, yet delicious, meal.

Photo Courtesy of Carey Jones at

7. PopTart Ice Cream Sandwich: Carl’s Junior

Carl’s Junior, a famous fast food franchise, came up with the genius idea to create a PopTart Ice Cream Sandwich. Who can resist the childhood favorite ? This ice cream sandwich splits a strawberry frosted PopTart in half and sandwiches it around scoops of mouthwatering vanilla ice cream. This would be a great and easy recipe to try at home. You can even toast the PopTarts or mix up the flavors combinations!


Photo Courtesy of Gastropunx

8. Lasagna Cupcakes: Heirloom LA

What could get better than comfort food in the palm of your hands? Heirloom LA recognizes this, which is why they created the now world-famous Lasagna Cupcakes.  The Lasagna Cupcakes are made from hand-rolled pasta, fresh cheeses and herbs, seasonal, organic vegetables and various meats. Flavors range from Sharp Cheddar Mac ‘N Cheese to Pumpkin Brown Butter & Sage, options that satisfy picky eaters and adventurous foodies. Pulitzer Prize Winning food writer Jonathan Gold says Lasagna Cupcakes, “pack more flavor than lasagnas 20 times their size.”


Photo Courtesy of Heirloom LA

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