Ever have that embarrassing moment when you discover you’ve been pronouncing a word wrong for years? We know how that feels, so we made a list of common food pronunciation mistakes to help you self-correct before you accidentally make a fool of yourself in front of your friends.

1. Hazelnut


Photo by Clark Halpern

You say: Hay-zul-nut

You should say: Hay-zul-NOOT

It comes from German, so that’s why.

2. Quinoa


Photo by Hannah Lin

You say: Keen-wah

You should say: Chee-NOH-ay

Everyone gets this one wrong.

3. Fajita


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

You say: FIY-ee-tah

You should say: Fah-JEET

The “a” is silent at the end.

4. Sushi


Photo by Armin Nayak

You say: SOO-shee

You should say: SHOO-shee

Japanese is one of the toughest languages to pronounce correctly.

5. Fish and Chips


Photo by Savannah Carter

You say: Fish-and-CHIPS

You should say: Fish-and-SHIPS

British pronunciation really throws some people.

6. Worcestershire Sauce


Photo courtesy of @keringhkering on Instagram

You say: WOOS-teh-sure

You should say: WOOSHY-shurshy-shure

I know, it doesn’t sound like it looks, but that’s really how to say it.

7. Parfait


Photo by Katherine Richter

You say: Par-FAY

You should say: PAR-fit

French is so hard!

8. Linguine


Photo courtesy of @zagat on Instagram

You say: Lin-GWEE-nee

You should say: Lin-JIN

Impress your date the next time you go out for Italian.

JK, April Fools’ y’all. Stay vigilant.