We all remember the good old days of ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. When Britney and Justin strutted down the red carpet in matching denim outfits. When inflatable chairs were all the rage and we would all wonder what the fuck was in a Wonder Ball (even though we knew that they were sweet tarts every time).

Feeling nostalgic, we decided to turn back time and recreate some of our favorite childhood snacks.

1. Dunkaroos

You might have asked yourself lately, “Where the hell can I get some Dunkaroos?” Turns out you can make ‘em yourself, and its pretty damn easy. And, no, cocaine is not the secret ingredient. Get the recipe here.

2. Pizza Lunchables

Make all your friends jealous again with this homemade adult-sized pizza Lunchable recipe. Cafeteria not included. Here’s how.

3. Frosted Animal Crackers

Now that you’re “all grown up” and can snack whenever you want and wherever you want (#guilty), it’s time to bring back that same childhood joy to your snack time. Make these lil’ cookies like this.

4. Fruit By The Foot

As great as most of these throwbacks are, they’re not so healthy. That’s where this homemade Fruit By The Foot recipe comes in to save the day. The best part is you can experiment with the recipe and use any fruit you want. Get the recipe here.

5. Cup O’ Dirt

Growing up, childhood birthday parties wouldn’t have been complete if you weren’t chowing downing a cup o’ dirt. Get down and dirty and enjoy this tasty treat – worms and all – just like you did at Jimmy’s 8th birthday party. Turn up like this.

6. Pop-Tarts

As the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast, Pop-Tarts were your favorite ticket to sugary heaven. Get back on that breakfast train like this.

7. Twinkies

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s nothing quite like the Twinkie. It’s got a simple glory to it: yellow cake filled with cream.  As it turns out, the snack’s simplicity makes it pretty easy to replicate on your own. Make it with this recipe.

8. Cookie Crisp

Out of all of the sugary cereals General Mills and Kellogg’s have blessed us with, Cookie Crisp holds a special place in our hearts. I mean, who wouldn’t want a bowl of chocolate-chip cookies for breakfast? Start your morning off right – recipe here.