If you’re like me and you’re going home for spring break, chances are you’ll find yourself on the couch scrolling through sunny Florida Instagrams while it is pouring rain all day. Although some people might love this relaxing lack of responsibility, boredom can set in fast. Here are a few challenging recipes that you’ll never have time to master at school to provide some entertainment during break. And trust me, it’ll be worth it.

1. Handmade Pasta

spring break

Photo by Kevin Kozlik

There is really nothing better than fresh pasta. You might think it’s crazy to roll dough through a pasta maker 20 times when you can get it in a box, but I promise you’ll taste the difference. Complete pasta-making guide here.

2. DIY Cronuts

spring break

Photo by Katherine Baker

For the time you’ll end up waiting in line for one of these, you can just make them yourself. Check out this recipe.

3. Dark Chocolate Soufflé

spring break

Photo by Alex Vu

Master this recipe now so you’ll be ready when you need to whip out something impressive.

4. Biscotti

spring break

Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

A little effort goes a long way with this classic Italian treat. And they last a while, so you can bring them back to school to share your success. Check out this recipe for almond and cranberry-pistachio biscotti.

5. Homemade Bagels

spring break

Photo by Laura Lim

If you’ve got some time, set yourself up for the best brunch ever with homemade bagels. Recipe here.

6. Dark Chocolate Macarons

Macarons are pretty easy to screw up, so take your time and follow this guide to master the perfect macarons.

7. Homemade Donuts

spring break

Photo by Phoebe Melnick

If you want to get creative, have some fun with this homemade donut recipe and customize it with your own toppings and glazes.

8. Chicken Cacciatore

spring break

Photo by Elizabeth Layman

This impressive Italian dish is the perfect meal to cook with friends or to kill some time on a boring weekday night. Definitely better than take out. Recipe here.