If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with Grubhub.com, or realized that the Med delivers, you have been spending too much time in Bartlett. The places below are just as convenient as the Starbucks that takes Maroon Dollars, and food will come your way in less than an hour. Especially with finals coming soon, I highly recommend learning your personal favorite delivery restaurants, but here are a few places to try first.

Best Thai: Thai 55th Restaurant

Photo by Meredith Marcus

This one might already be known as the best Thai in the area, but I bet you didn’t know they delivered. For all of your favorite classic noodle dishes to a range of spicy curries, this restaurant will not disappoint on flavor or in price.

Best Dumplings: Northern City

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Chen

This restaurant delivers from Chinatown, so you know it is legit. Their juicy pork dumpling (xioa long bao) are very authentic and remain juicy even when you get them delivered. They have seafood and meaty and vegetable dumplings and a variety of steamed and fried options.

Best Late Night: Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Photo by Emily Aledort

This place delivers until 3am and have everything Italian you could crave that late at night. While their menu is less diverse than the classic Clarke’s late night eats, it saves you the trip and is very shareable. You can get anything from their fried apps (mac-n-cheese bites or mozz. sticks) to a full pizza or pasta dish.

Best Range: Dragon Fire

Photo by Mary McGrath

This place does more than just sushi or just Chinese or just thai. They have a whole range of asian food and do it all very well. Whether you are in the mood for a classic chow mein or a delicious sushi roll, they have it. They even have some non-asian inspired tar-tar options with sushi quality fish

Best Sushi: The Sit Down Cafe

Photo by Lisa Gong

This is another restaurant that I bet you did not know delivered. While the prices are higher than those of Shinju (which also delivers), the fish quality is worth it. They also have such a large variety of rolls that it is hard to not find one you would want.

Best Bang for your Buck: Cedar’s Mediterranean Kitchen

Photo by Naib Mian

This place only has a 3 dollar delivery charge and they make really good falafel or shwarama sandwiches for $6-8. Their dips are also really cheap, which make for a full meal if eaten with some pita. Their main dishes and platters are a little steeper but still are on the cheap side.

We even scouted out some of the best dishes. Find them here, Review: Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen

Best Sandwich and Salad: Medici on 57th

Photo by Nina Lincoff

While it is a shame that Z&H does not deliver, the place next door does! We all know this place as the best milkshakes around or as a great gathering place to catch up with friends but we didn’t all know that they delivered. While many are a huge fan of their soups or their appetizers, their cold sandwiches and salads are better for delivery because they are already cold and usually have really good quality side bread, since the bakery makes it homemade.

Best Place you didn’t expect to Deliver: Noodles etc.

When you are craving this place, I am sure you go to their location at Hutch but you don’t have to anymore. While you do have to go to their website directly, instead of using Grubhub, this is more than worth it since they can deliver fast enough that nothing gets cold (because they are so close by!) and make everything fresh and everything is made to order (unlike Hutch). Even when your friends make fun of you for not being able to make the 5 minutes walk over, you will appreciate knowing that you can have some pad-see-ew delivered right to your door.

PRO TIP: Check the delivery charge on Grubhub and on the restaurant website, because sometimes one will be cheaper than the other.

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