Did you wait until the last minute to plan your Halloween costume? No worries, because this year, you just might want to trade in that average sexy cat costume for a sexy burrito. Yes, that’s right. A sexy burrito.

Watch everyone drool over the food-porn that is your Halloween costume (and they will, guaranteed!). Plus, these costumes require very little money and patience.

1. Candy Corn

All you need for this sweet, sugary costume is a white, cone-shaped hat (that you can easily make with construction paper), an orange shirt and yellow bottoms.

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of cutefoodforkids.com

2. Jelly Beans

Cut holes in a large, clear garbage bag and poke your legs and arms through. Fill the bag with many multi-colored balloons and tie the bag around your neck with a ribbon (loosely). To top it off, tape the “Jelly Belly” logo to the front of the bag and tape the nutritional facts to the back.

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of followpics.net

3. Grapes

Since purple is a color we all should have in our closets (Go ‘Cats!), this costume should be easy. All you have to do is wear purple clothing and attach purple balloons to your upper body. If you want to add a leaf to the top of the grape bunch, you can use green felt to make a collar. Just cut the edges of the piece of felt to make them look leaf-like and cut a hole in the middle for your neck.

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of www.flickr.com

4. Piece of Sushi

All you need for this creative costume is an orange pillowcase (with a pillow), masking tape and a black piece of cloth. You can dress in white (or light brown) clothing for the rice. Place strips of masking tape diagonally along the orange pillowcase to give the salmon some texture. Use the piece of black cloth to tie the pillow to your back for the seaweed. Plus, if you do this with a group of people, you can be an entire platter of sushi!

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of matresbelleevie.deviantart.com

5. Hershey’s Kiss

This costume might be a bit more challenging than the others, but it is definitely worth the extra effort. You will need wire hangers, duct tape, tin foil and toilet paper. First, bend the wire hangers into two circles: a 4-foot-wide circle and a separate circle that fits over your head and rests on your shoulders. Use the duct tape to connect the two wire circles from the inside. Make sure the sticky side of the tape is facing out so you can easily stick the tin foil to it. Lastly, write “Hershey’s Kiss” on 2 feet of high quality toilet paper and attach it to your head.

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of www.costume-works.com

6. Baked Potato

If you chose to try out the Hershey’s Kiss costume but failed, you can use the tin foil for a baked potato costume. All you need to do is wrap yourself in tin foil, and you will instantly turn into a baked potato about to be popped in the oven.

7. Burrito

Wrap yourself in a brown or beige blanket and attach it to your body. You can use colored tissue paper or construction paper to add toppings to your human burrito — use green for lettuce, yellow for cheese, red for tomatoes, etc. Attach your chosen toppings to the top of the blanket and your shoulders, and voilà, you are a burrito.

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of chasingshinyobjects.com

8. Strawberry

Dress in red and attach little black spots to your clothes for the strawberry seeds. To avoid looking like a ladybug, cut a “leaf” out of a piece of green felt and attach it to your head.

halloween costume

Photo courtesy of www.cakechooser.com