In 2018, charcoal is definitely having a moment. Activated charcoal, that is. The trend of adding the compound, often made from overheated coconut shells, has seemingly taken over the street food scene across the nation, with shops from Manhattan to LA competing to create the next great gothic dessert. And while this magic ingredient may look pretty, it's also just as good for your health! When "activated," charcoal can aid in detoxing your body by binding to unwanted chemicals in the stomach. It's no wonder why cafes and bakeries are dying to put the stuff on their menu! Here are 8 of the latest treats to get the charcoal treatment (and where you can get your hands on them!):

1. Coconut Ash-Charcoal Ice Cream (Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream, NYC)

Officially become the coolest Big Apple tourist amongst your followers when you bless their timelines with a shot of this hardcore flavor. Morgenstern's first introduced the dark flavor in 2016 and it has quickly become one of the shops most popular picks, right next to others like burnt honey-vanilla and green tea pistachio. 

2. Tumeric-Charcoal Iced Latte (The Good Sort, NYC)

Sip on something healthy when you grab this "Eclipse" latte courtesy of The Good Sort, a vegan tea shop located in the heart of Chinatown. The drink pairs a smooth blend of spicy turmeric and oat milk with activated charcoal and toasty black sesame for a gorgeous contrast of light and dark.

#SpoonTip: The cafe has also gained social media fame for its insanely picturesque rainbow latte!

3. This *Galaxy* Charcoal Cappuccino (Chocolate Pi, Tampa)

Seriously, this drink can't get any prettier. Introducing the Brushed Suede from Florida-based Chocolate Pi. Activated charcoal is stirred into a classic cappuccino and topped with white holographic edible glitter to create an out-of-this-world concoction that will make you want to kick your boring, old java to the side.

4. The "Char-Chata" (The Loop, LA)

Leave it to a company that created the mermaid lemonade to come up with another aesthetically addicting beverage! The "Char-Chata" from The Loop is an iced horchata latte with a dash of powerful activated charcoal, making for a stunning gradient effect that is just begging to be posted on your story.

5. Coconut-Charcoal Smoothie Bowl (Loco Coco, NYC)

Smoothie bowls have officially taken over the East Coast. However, Loco Coco has kicked the trend up a notch with the addition of a coconut-charcoal bowl paired with fresh dragon fruit and shredded coconut. Not only does it look like something you could only get on a tropical island somewhere, but it's definitely a healthy alternative to the typical NYC street dessert.

6. Charcoal-Vanilla Blackberry Macarons (Macarooz, Houston)

It's well-known that the macaron is the cutest dessert on the market. Add some activated charcoal and shimmery gold dust to that and you've got a major cookie glo-up that we're all here for. These little beauties are from Macarooz in Houston, Texas.

7. The "Sun Devil" Charcoal Cocktail (The Nolen, San Diego)

The lone boozy addition to this list goes to the "Sun Devil," a drink that sounds terrifying but looks incredible. The Nolen, a rooftop bar located in Ron Burgundy's favorite city, crafted this mix of peach liqueur, orange juice, agave, and (you guessed it) activated charcoal. 

8. Charcoal Lemon-Blueberry Donuts (Ashley Sue's Baked Goods, Atlanta)

Bite into a taste of Southern comfort food when you grab one of these fruity-tangy donuts from Ashley Sue's Baked Goods down in Atlanta. The tart blueberries and fresh lemon keep the donut flavorful, while the activated charcoal provides contrast against those adorable rainbow sprinkles.