YouTube is the best place to go when we need a quick visual to teach us how to adult when Mom isn't there to guide us through our struggles. Whether we need help hanging a curtain rod or can't figure out which cycle to use on the washing machine, YouTube has us covered. Personally, I think the most helpful videos to watch are on YouTube cooking channels. Cooking videos are both fun and informational, and even if I don't make half the recipes I watch, I still come away with some new knife skills to try or new seasonings to add to my grocery list. Below are just a few of the amazing YouTube cooking channels you should subscribe to, listed in no particular order.   

1. Gordon Ramsay

What I love the most about Gordon Ramsay is that he says the truth whenever and wherever. I'm one for honesty, bluntness, and full-on transparency, so he has my vote for future president if he ever runs.

What to expect: More advanced cooking videos with the occasional review or clip from one of his TV shows.

2. Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna's channel draws inspiration largely from pop culture, and her recipe videos feature quirky treats you wouldn't normally think to make. She's made fun treats like Westworld cowboy hat cake pops and a Princess Peach cake from Mario.  

What to expect: Unique recipes based on movies and TV shows, as well as challenge videos with other YouTubers.

3. Edgy Veg

The Edgy Veg is a vegan YouTube cooking channel hosted by a woman named Candice. Candice's videos are typically pretty short (under 10 minutes) and feature lots of puns. Her specialty is making popular fast food items vegan, but she has plenty of everyday recipes as well.

What to expect: Upbeat tutorials on making vegan meals.

4. Chef Buck

Chef Buck shares simple, everyday recipes on his channel. His videos are fairly informal, and he cooks in his own kitchen (rather than on a set). If you prefer watching videos that aren't staged perfectly and that feel more real, this is the YouTube cooking channel for you. 

What to expect: Easy recipes you don't need a special occasion to make. 

5. Charlie Andrews

Charlie Andrews shares from-scratch, southern recipes on his YouTube cooking channel. He specializes in New Orleans-style cooking. Charlie's videos don't feel like they're professionally shot and produced, which gives them a homey, casual vibe. 

What to expect: Southern staples like chicken creole and beignets.

6. Quang Tran

Quang Tran's cooking videos cover many different types of recipes. One week he'll post a classic beef stroganoff recipe, and the next he's sharing how to make a Krabby Patty from Spongebob. Quang is a funny guy, and watching his videos feels like you're watching a friend cook while you're skyping together.

What to expect: A mixed bag of fun recipe videos. 

7. Marshmello

While Marshmello isn't a chef or even someone in the food industry, he still deserves an honorable mention. His cooking videos are clean-cut with awesome effects and little quirks that help give his videos and channel an edge over his competitors. 

What to expect: Quirky voice-over cooking videos. 

All of these YouTube cooking channels bring something unique to the table (or to your bed...or to wherever you're watching these videos). Whether you're more a serious YouTuber watcher who prefers professional cooking videos or if you just like watching fun dishes being made, you'll definitely want to subscribe one of these channels.