From a quick coffee break to a leisurely brunch, Highland Bakery is the move. With these top 7 dishes, you do not have to waste any time deciding what to order. We all know how busy Highland can get, and it is easy to understand what the hype is all about.

1. The Rustic Italian

Wow. My jaw dropped the first time I saw this too. My friends were so jealous they didn’t order this. It is a real winner.

Photo by Carolyn Hamberg

2. Sweet Potato Pancakes

A sweet taste of the south. And the sweet potatoes obv make it healthy! Basically eating a salad.

Photo by Anne Cusack

3. Peanut Butter French Toast

This one is a no brainer. Tastes even better than it looks, and it looks pretty beautiful.

Photo by Andrew Morrison

4. Avocado Toast

It might not be on the menu, but here is a life-changing #SpoonTip: Order toast with a side of avocado. Mash the avocado on your toast, sprinkle with some salt and pepper and you have yourself avocado toast as good as the trendy ones you see on Instagram.

Photo by Carolyn Hamberg

5. The Hill Grill Sandwich

Not just your basic chicken sandwich. This chicken sandwich will leave you very satisfied. You will love this sandwich.

Photo by Carolyn Hamberg

6. Yogurt and Granola

If you want a healthy, light breakfast, this is a go-to. Highland’s homemade granola mixed with yogurt is an easy breakfast.

Photo by Carolyn Hamberg

7. Create Your Own Omelet

You cannot go wrong with making your own omelet. Pick your veggies, pick your cheese, and you have a very filling, healthy breakfast. And the side of potatoes will not let you down, trust me.

Photo by Katie Kaminsky

These 7 dishes will not disappoint. But you cannot go wrong with anything from Highland. Don’t even get me started on their baked goods…