Sicilians - they live in the tiny island that's attached to Italy's boot shaped country. While Sicilians are part Italian, they do food differently than Italians and always come in first place when it comes to their food. Some things might appear to be weirder than others, but that's okay since each culture does things that not everyone else in the world will understand.

1. Keeping the ingredients in all dishes clean and simple.

Helena Lin

While this "weird thing" is more straightforward to understand, we still live in a world where certain countries that won't be named in this article use food additives left and right as if it's their job. Sicilians strictly prefer organic foods over regular foods and won't add in extra ingredients into their dishes if they don't have to.

2. Not wanting to eat quickly and shamelessly. 

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Jocelyn Hsu

If Americans had to be known for one thing, it'd be shoving food down their mouths in literally no time. Sicilians on the other hand actually want to enjoy their meal, refuse to let any food go to waste (pleading guilty on doing this), and have thoughtful conversations with the person/people that they're eating with.

3. Making dessert its own religion.

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Amelia Hitchens

While most people in other countries would just eat whatever's sweet because it's unique or taste good, that won't fly in Sicily. Sicilians take dessert so seriously that choosing the wrong dessert has more consequences than not.

4. Not taking time at the beginning of each meal to photograph it.

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Alex Frank

Just like you and I, Sicilians get hungry. They'd rather get straight into eating their food instead of waiting around for you to take photos of it.

5. Sicilians simply don't understand being vegan.

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Andrea Leelike

Although it's nice to help save animals, it's also very tricky to be vegan and supply yourself with enough protein and vitamins. This is also due to most of their food already being vegan friendly. Most Sicilians don't understand why you'd state that you're vegan and make outside efforts to keep up with your diet when the food in Sicily is already made accustomed for your diet.

6. Being pissed if you fail to pronounce "arancini/e" incorrectly.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Anarcini/e roughly translates to rice, which is one of the most essential foods in Sicily. 

7. Buying fresh fruit from anywhere else but the supermarket.

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Anna Arteaga

Sicilians know that you're able to get better and fresher fruits from anywhere else but one of the few convenient food places in the world. There are markets on the street that sell fresh produce each day and are only open during certain hours, depending on the location.