When you think of the UK, you're probably thinking of the stereotypical touristy stuff like Abbey Road and the Beatles, Big Ben, and the London Eye. However, Brits are a lot more than just these attractions. Like any other culture, Brits have several food habits that some outsiders might find delicious, while others find, well, interesting. Here are the seven awesome British foods and food phrases that Americans might find kind of strange. 

1. Using Marmite as a Spread

Ah, yes. Marmite is a British classic. It's made from yeast extract and is known to be a byproduct of beer brewing. It's also known to be v salty, so don't be salty if you're not into it. 

2. Adding Beans to Everything

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Rose Gerber

I'm not saying that beans aren't delicious, but when you put beans on everything, you'd think you'd be farting left and right with that much bean eating

3. Calling French fries "chips"

ketchup, potato, salt, french fries

While fries and chips are comparable because they are both fried potatoes, they're not the same thing. People in the UK call them chips because they're thicker than the average french fry.

4. And then calling actual chips "crisps"

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Aakanksha Joshi

OK, I'll admit — this one does make sense. Chips are crispy, after all. They're known to be crisps solely to avoid confusion between them and the British "chips." 

5. Mincemeat pies

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Isabella Darby

The name on this traditionally British dish is very deceiving. Mincemeat pies don't have any meat in them, but they are rather prepared with dried fruit and spices. 

6. Scotch Eggs

Not gonna lie, this one is kind of awesome. Scotch eggs are eggs and sausage stuffed together and deep fried. They're so good since they're known to have a decent amount of protein in them because of the egg, which is beneficial for one's health

7. Using Fry-Ups as a Hangover Cure

While eating greasy foods might not be great for curing a hangover, this sure looks and sounds delicious. 

I get that some stuff may be lost in translation, but some of these British food methods are unique to their culture. Some of the foods might seem weird, but they're amazing in their own way.