When I think of Australia, I usually think of two things: Sydney and koala bears. But what about their foods? Given that Australians do things differently than most other people and cultures in the world do, these seven things that the Australians do with their food may or may not surprise us all.

1. Inventing and loving what Australians deem as Fairy Bread.

Why do sprinkles and butter have to be mushed together on innocent white bread? What did the world do to deserve this? Some people deem it as a kids only food, but I deem it as a very weird food item that doesn't seem worth trying anytime soon.

2. Using vegemite.

Brits may have Marmite, but Australians have Vegemite. After doing some research, it appears to be that Vegemite is a synonym for Marmite but it learned what salt is. Either way, both of these mites are weird and need to be stopped.

3. Only eating burgers if they're obnoxious and a mess.

tomato, hamburger, lettuce, cheese
Angela Kerndl

Apparently, if a burger doesn't have enough ingredients on it, it's not good enough for Australians.

4. Killing innocent kangaroos for their meat.

In most other countries around the world, including the United States, it's not normal to kill the official animal of your respective country and then eat it. All kangaroos want to do is sleep, eat and hop around.

5. Making chicken salt a thing.

While chicken and salt are two very amazing things, they should be kept separate. I do like salt and I do like chicken, but I also do like salted chicken.

6. Inventing potato cakes.

My initial thought while researching Australian potato cakes was that they'd be very similar to knishes, in which they are. The main difference is that these potato cakes are more circular while knishes are more squared off and have corners. 

7. Using innocent emus in their food.

Emus are really tall birds that look creepy and walk creepy. I'm not sure why anyone would want to eat them, but it seems perfectly normal to Aussies to do so.

Australians are interesting people and have their own culture and norms. While most of these norms may appear to be absurd to everyone else, it's what makes Australia unique.