These seven strange and unusual drinking gadgets are for all your boozing needs. Whether you're trying to sneak some drinks out on the golf course, or hate the flavor of plain vodka and need to try something infused to kill the taste, here are the best gadgets to make your drinking experience more delightful.

1. Drink Driving Dispenser

Drink Dispensing Driver

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Secretly get your head start on the 19th hole while still on the course. Giving off the appearance of the driver, this golf club dispenses 1-oz per second by the touch of a button.

So when you're at the country club and gotta keep up with the proper course etiquette, you can store up to 52 ounces of refreshments. It's time to attempt your hole-in-one, but this time, while feeling a little more tipsy.  

2. Remote Control Beverage Cooler

Lounging around your pool and don't feel like getting up to grab another brew? Let this remote control beverage cooler come to you. It has room for up to six cans or bottles and ice, leaving none of your pool party guests feeling parched. 

3. Isi Cream Whipper

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Originally designed for creamy dessert-making, but now you can use this tool for infused-booze whipped cream. So after "whipping" up your favorite drink, top it off with something sweet!

4. Vodka Zinger

Are you dying to try PB&J-flavored vodka or something fruity like kiwi-strawberry? Change up your otherwise boring booze with this fruit-infusing bottle. How impressive would it be to serve your guests cocktails with home-infused vodka of their choosing?

5. Corkcicle

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This in-bottle wine chiller has revolutionized the wine chilling market in the process. Whether you're laying in the sun all day at the beach, taking a hike, or at your desk and wanna dive back into that bottle of Moscato, the Corkcicle will make your chilled glass of wine even more enjoyable. 

6. Electric Amphibious Vehicle

With the push of a button, this vehicle can deliver you up to four drinks while you're lounging in the pool in your floaties. It transforms from sea craft to rugged, 4-wheeled land vehicle in seconds. Plus, an on-board water cannon can blast a stream of water at any target.

7. Wineyoke

Having trouble deciding whether to eat some appetizers or drink a glass of wine at the party? Now there is no need to ever put your glass down! This "wine necklace" makes it easy to have the best of both worlds during your night out. 

The avid drinker is always looking for a way to make indulging in wine, a cocktail, or a beer just a little easier. These gadgets are guaranteed to fix the pesky problems that often come along with enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage. Is it happy hour yet?