Fact: Rappers make good decisions. Fact: Rappers eat well. Now that you have fully absorbed these two facts I am assuming you have come to the conclusion to be more like your favorite rappers. You’re in luck: This intro is attached to the article that will help you make better culinary decisions and probably become a better person. Go forth and prosper.

1. 2 Chainz


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My favorite dish is turkey lasagna/Even my pajamas are designer.” The proof is in the pudding folks, or in this case, the lyrics. I don’t think anyone even knew turkey lasagna was a thing people ate until 2 Chainz enlightened us. Thank you, 2 Chainz, and thank you, Ina Garten, for this recipe.

2. Rick Ross

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In an interview with Bon Appetit in 2012, Rick Ross assured us that he “ain’t gonna lie: I love that cheese.” You heard it here second, folks: Rick Ross loves that cheese. He. Loves. That. Cheese. Also, Wingstop. But mostly that cheese. There’s a whole lot of cheese out there to love. A guide like this might make it a little easier to learn to love that cheese.

3. Pusha T

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Pusha T thinks that “Arby’s is life” and I think bubble wrap is a form of mind control. We all have opinions. Although, Pusha T shared his desire to eat Arby’s on Thanksgiving, and I have no desire to practice mind control on Thanksgiving, so maybe his opinion is a little more on-point than mine.

4. Jay-Z

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As long as the moment we’ve all been waiting for is the moment we find out what Jay Z’s favorite pizza place is, then the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Jay Z’s favorite place for pizza is Lucali Pizza in Brooklyn. I’m going to trust Jay Z on this one, but if you don’t, here’s 6 more ways to eat pizza.

5. Run the Jewels

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According to a Run The Jewels interview, Killer Mike “immediately” responded to a question about his favorite local spot in Atlanta with “Miss Ann’s Snack Bar.” Specifically, El-P recommends the Ghetto Burger, and rappers make good decisions, so go get yourself a Ghetto Burger. If burgers aren’t your thing, here are some other hot spots to check out in A-Town (shoutout to Usher).

6. Action Bronson

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Some background information: Action Bronson started out working in kitchens, hurt himself, and couldn’t work in kitchens for a while, so he started rapping. Then he kept rapping, and now he is still rapping. Bronson shares his NYC favorites as well as other culinary adventures on his show F**k, That’s Delicious.

7. Nicki Minaj

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I do not know Nicki Minaj personally, but I respect her so fiercely that I took a serious amount of time to find just the right GIF of her to use. While admiring this beautiful GIF, go ahead and whip up Minaj’s favorite meal: chicken curry and roti, a dish as spicy and delicious as Minaj herself.