Going to college is already stressful enough. From having to deal with finding roommates to taking challenging classes, the last thing I want to think about is trying to figure out what I can eat. Being a picky eater limits you to only certain foods that can get old really fast. Here is a list of 7 tips that I have created as a guide to help picky eaters here at Colgate!

1. Fruit, Fruit, and More Fruit


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Frank Dining Hall has an abundance of fresh fruit that can be combined to make a healthy and delicious fruit salad.

2. Cereal

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There is a variety of different cereals available just waiting to be devoured at Frank and in the Coop.


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Create Your Own Sandwich! The sandwich bar is always stocked with fresh veggies and deli meats to create your one-of-a-kind sandwich. The Coop has an amazing sandwich station with fresh bread from nearby bakeries.

4. Salad Bar


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The salad bar usually has a variety of different greens, toppings, and dressings that will allow you make a delicious meal. Frank even has a salad bar station where someone can make your own customized salad!

5. Get to know the chef


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Chef Lateef is the world’s nicest chef! If you email him he is willing to sit and talk with you about food options for you to eat.

6. Learn to Cook


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Go to your computer, open it, search any Spoon recipe article, and cook it! There are many places on campus that will allow you to use the kitchen to make your own food if the dining hall is getting you down in the dumps, such as ALANA or the Center for International Programs.

7. Try New Foods


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This honestly is the scariest tip of them all. I know it is hard to venture out and try something new but who knows you might actually enjoy it!

Don’t be too afraid to own up to your pickiness, and adapt to a style that’s best for you!

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