Instagram has always been a great platform for food bloggers, but since plant-based food was named a top trend in 2016, vegan food bloggers have made the space their own. From professional chefs to YouTube personalities to straight-up bloggers, vegan cooks are using Instagram to share recipes that are so mouthwatering you’ll never believe they don’t contain animal products.

Here are my 7 favorite vegan accounts that absolutely must follow.

1. @frommybowl


Photo courtesy of @frommybowl on Instagram

Caitlin Shoemaker is a vegan blogger, YouTuber, and writer based in the United States. And she also happens to be a 21-year-old recent college grad. Her Instagram is a beautiful collection of meals like sushi bowls, cheesecake (yes, you heard me right), as well as her specialty, smoothie bowls. This beet “nicecream” with passion fruit has us drooling through the screen.

2. @minimalistbaker


Photo courtesy of @minimalistbaker on Instagram

Who says vegan cooking can’t be quick and easy? Dana Schultz is a vegan blogger and cookbook author who posts recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes to prepare, guaranteed. Most of her recipes are also gluten-free! We are living for this easy — and super delicious — kimchi recipe.

3. @hotforfood


Photo courtesy of @hotforfood on Instagram

Lauren Toyota and John Diemer are the adorable couple behind @hotforfood, a blog and YouTube channel that’s “cooking up vegan love.” They have a bunch of recipes in a variety of cuisines and their “fryday” french fry dishes are to die for, as is this gluten-free coconut pancake recipe.

4. @sweetpotatosoul


Photo courtesy of @sweetpotatosoul on Instagram

Jenné Claiborne is a food blogger whose mission is to make the vegan lifestyle easy and approachable. Her beautifully colored Instagram proves that giving up meat and dairy doesn’t mean you have to give up good looking food. Her most recent recipe includes Jamaican jerk “chicken” tacos made out of jackfruit.

5. @veganwhat


Photo courtesy of @veganwhat on Instagram

Stephanie Williams is an actress, fitness aficionado, and blogger. Scrolling through her Instagram will leave you starving because her dishes are made and photographed to perfection, like this peanut butter chocolate “nicecream” bowl with dairy free yogurt flowers.

6. @cleanfooddirtycity


Photo courtesy of @cleanfooddirtycity on Instagram

Lily Kunin is a health coach and vegan blogger based in NYC, hence her name. Lily is the master of the sleek Instagram theme, and her food really has a change to shines through our screens. Her sweet potato noodle and winter kale pesto recipe is beautiful fall goodness for any day of the year.

7. @slowclubcookery


Photo courtesy of @slowclubcookery on Instagram

Kara JP is a vegan blogger based in Massachusetts who always starts a recipe with an original poem. She has tons of recipes for ramen, muffins, and baked apples and also shows off vegan options when you’re not cooking at home. The best part of this Instagram, though, is the donuts. These dark chocolate dipped banana-bourbon donuts look absolutely delectable.