There’s nothing better than some good food porn to diversify your Instagram feed, and luckily, there are accounts for every palate out there. We love following vegan foodies — they’ll quickly prove meat-and-dairy-free is far from bland or repetitive. Here are the seven vegan accounts you should be following:



Four words (the title of her latest recipe) sum up why you need to be following Kathy: vegan. chocolate. taco. shake. However, she’s definitely no one-hit wonder; her consistently amazing creations will keep you glued to your iPhone screen. If you’re not intrigued with the taco shake, what about Brazil-nut-tofu cheesecake with coconut cream topping? Yeah, that’s what we thought.



With a name like ‘nomyourself’, you know you’re in for a treat—pun intended. The woman behind the filter, Mary Mattern, loves to recreate classic foods in meat- and dairy-free forms. Think Shepherd’s pie, funnel cake and banana bread.



We actually learned about Gan Chin Lin’s account from a Huffington Post article. She’s racked up more than 100,000 followers with her super creative, almost-too-cool-to-eat dishes. Think Despicable Me minion pancakes and mouthwatering smoothie bowls shot among fresh flowers and intricate sketches. As if her photography, cooking and food decoration skills weren’t enough, according to the article, Lin is in recovery from an eating disorder, which makes her account not just yummy, but inspiring!



O little town of Bethlehem… Vegan Treats is a bakery based in—you guessed it—Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. But forget the song: now the town is famous for being home to one of the top 10 bakeries in the world. You’ll see all of their cuh-razy inventions, from chocolate-encased doughnut sundaes to peanut butter cup cheesecakes with chocolate ganache. Uh, what’s that thing you call an egg? You’ll have no idea these are vegan.



Unfortunately, a person can’t live off of decadent vegan recipes alone. That’s where Angela Liddon, of the extremely popular blog Oh She Glows, comes in. Her recipes are fresh, nutritious and packed with superfoods—think chickpea salad with cilantro lime dressing, crispy quinoa cakes and so-green-it-hurts smoothies. Okay, there’s also stuff for your sweet tooth, like carrot cake and lime mango crisp.



If you’re wondering what the best vegan prepared foods are, this is the account to subscribe to. Anotherhungryvegan is always showcasing the coolest new finds, including coconut-crème-filled chocolates, imitation BBQ meats and cheesy herb truffle kale chips.



Want a nutritious but delicious approach to veganism? McKel Hill is a registered dietitian who’s constantly whipping up meals so wholesome that even just scrolling past them will make you feel healthier. They’re also beautiful. You’ll feel super inspired to run into the kitchen and throw together “fig zucchini pasta with hemp seed crumble” or “spring veggie tacos with avocado cream.”

We hope we’ve given you at least a couple new accounts to follow. Actually, we know we have, because who can resist food this good? You’re welcome.

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