I don't know about all of you, but when I wake up in the morning after a night of one too many glasses (or bottles) of wine, the first thing I notice is my empty, growling stomach. Seeing as I probably slept through the morning and skipped breakfast, some greasy hangover food always sounds like the most amazing idea ever, but who the hell has time to chef up their own brunch spread during such a delicate time? No one. 

Vancouver is filled with diners, joints, and food trucks that will leave your stomach feeling content once again after a not-so-easy going morning. These are just a few of the many places that your hungover self will be begging you to haul yourself out to.

1. Gringo 

Let's face it, you probably spent more money than planned on all that alcohol last night, so this super cheap taco joint will leave your wallet thanking you endlessly. The tacos go for $2.75 each and taste exactly like what you might expect from a hole-in-the-wall kind of place: perfectly greasy but wonderfully satisfying. Plus, if you're one of the crazy ones who likes to cure a hangover with more drinking, their list of margaritas run at a reasonable price as well.

2. The Parlour

Who doesn't love brunch? Or pizza? The geniuses behind The Parlour have combined the two to create brunch pizzas so the next time you're debating between going out for a big fat brunch or ordering in some greasy pizza, pop over there and you won't have to be making very many difficult decisions.

3. Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant

This Vietnamese joint serves all the classic Vietnamese dishes. The highlight for me has always been the phở, and it's definitely something that will be able to warm your heart from the inside out and make you feel even the tiniest bit better about yourself. The small restaurant always manages to get packed around the afternoon so it might be difficult to find a spot, but that just attests to it's truly yummy food. 

4. Deacon's Corner

I've read from several places that Deacon's Corner may as well be known as the "King of Hangover Breakfasts." The menu consists of breakfasts classics, some even made more classic that thought possible. If you can't decide between sweet or savory, try their Big Mountie, it's some sort of french toast and meat, cheese, chicken, and egg concoction that will satisfy cravings you probably didn't even know you had.

5. Tractor Foods

This one is dedicated to those who wake up feeling like they need to cleanse their body of all the sins (aka all those double shots) from the past night. Greasy food may not sound like the most appetizing thing to eat when hungover for some people, and that's why the salads from Tractor would be the perfect substitute. 

They have a really wide range of salads to choose from and have various soups and sandwiches as well. The salads here are the perfect balance of high-quality but without being too fancy or overdressed for a mid-morning meal.

6. Jam Cafe

Jam's extensive menu will leave you perplexed when it comes to ordering something. Go here with all your friends and everyone will definitely be able to find something to cure their hangover. Their huge portions are a massive plus as well, I have yet to leave this place with a completely cleared plate. There's a good chance you'll have another small meal to take home for later since we all know you're going to be too busy lying on the couch to actually cook anything decent. 

7. Twisted Fork Bistro

Twisted Fork is another place that your wallet will be glad you visited since all the items on their brunch menu are only $14 each. Doesn't matter if your dish is the tiniest bit fancier than another, it's all the same price so cost won't have to be something your headache-ridden mind has to consider. A personal favorite of mine here has always been the grilled cheese and tomato soup, a classic and often underrated meal that will leave your tummy happier than ever. 

Next time you wake up hungover, get yourself off that couch and try out one of these restaurants. That fresh air from the outdoors followed by a phenomenal meal might just be the secret hangover cure you've been searching for.