Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day, whatever it is to you, is a strangely polarizing holiday. Lots of people love it, lots of people hate it, and it doesn't seem to bear much relation to whether someone is in a relationship. Maybe you're in a relationship but find it tacky and unnecessary. That's okay! Maybe you're single but you've got your eye on someone and need an excuse to make a move. That's fine, too! Valentine's Day is whatever you want to make it. This year, this list of unconventional Valentine's Day gifts will leave your special someone completely charmed. 

If gift-giving is your thing, you've come to the right place. Sure, you can give flowers to whoever you're trying to impress, but why not be a little bit unconventional? Plus, flowers aren't exactly edible, and food is the way to damn near anyone's heart. So in case you're in need of some fun and foody ideas, here you go:

1. A Candy Bouquet

The same format as flowers, but way better content. Candy doesn't start to wilt after a few days, so Your Person can take their time eating it. There are bouquets of Reese's, Twix, Skittles, just about any candy you can imagine. Another plus for this one: you can make it yourself!

2. A Subscription Box

There are TONS of subscription boxes out there, so you can definitely tailor it to the individual. Wine, socks, makeup, snacks - you name it. There's a little bit of commitment involved here, but really you can cancel whenever you feel it's appropriate (not to be pessimistic or anything).

3. A Good, Old-Fashioned, Home-Cooked Meal

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Not particularly unconventional, but the element of putting some real effort into what you're doing makes it 100 times better than going out to eat. If you're not too keen on cooking, you should really learn. If you don't have time for that, make something simple that you know they'll like, or just try your best. The thought is what counts here.

4. Good Knives

Valentine's day gifts should be meaningful, but also useful. If Your Person loves to cook and they're using a knife set that was passed down to them by their parents, they could probably use an upgrade. Even one good chef's knife can make a monumental difference in one's kitchen experience, in case you're not willing to drop a couple hundred dollars on a set.

5. A Fun Cookbook

Whether Your Person is a pro or doesn't know where to start, a book full of neat things to make is...neat! This can also be tailored to the individual, based on experience level, diet, the type of food they enjoy, and, if they have one, their favorite food blogger. 

6. A Starter Kit

Is there something that Your Person always picks up from the grocery store? Save them the hassle and give them what they need to make it themselves. From cultured things like cheese and kombucha to simple mixes for hot chocolate and sugar cookies, there's probably something out there that'll float their boat.

7. Food ~Art~

Everyone likes to deck out their space with things that show who they are. Foodies are no exception. There are plenty of tapestries, paintings, and prints depicting all kinds of food-related stuff. This is especially good if Your Person just moved into a new place or has been complaining about bare walls.

Flowers and chocolates can be cool, but they're almost a cop-out on Valentine's Day. Disclaimer: some people may want flowers, and if they do, buy them flowers! But if you're not sure what to get your special someone, and they love food, there are more impressive options out there. Best of all, they don't have to be pricey.