From dining underwater to dining in the dark, these restaurants really give their customers an experience of a life time. Seriously… who needs fine dining and Michelin stars when you got these unbelievable restaurants to try out.

1. Redwoods Treehouse


Photo courtesy of HonestlyWTF

The Redwoods Treehouse is a private venue located in New Zealand that offers both fine dining and a spectacular view of the forest around it. The bad news… it’s not open for casual dining, so the only way to eat there is to book the entire venue.

2. Dinner in the Sky


Photo courtesy of Dinner in the Sky

For those who aren’t afraid of heights, Dinner in the Sky is exactly what the name suggests. Never staying in one city for too long, this company–started in Belgium–travels the world, hosting dinners at different cities. Each night, they take approximately 30 lucky guests 50 meters into the sky with a crane, and these guests are served by world renown chefs.



Photo courtesy of Groupon

Served by a blind wait staff in a room that is pitch black, customers of O.NOIR is given the experience of dining like the blind. The Toronto and Montréal based restaurant stimulates both the imagination and the senses of its patrons.

4. Modern Toilet


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

From drinking out of urinals to eating a pile of poop, the Taiwanese restaurant brings a whole new meaning to eating shit. Before you get too grossed out, let me assure you that everything served is 100% edible and safe, and is cooked in a kitchen, not a washroom.

5. Safe House


Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

Situated in Milwaukee, this spy-themed restaurant is truly for the super spy. With no signs advertising where it is, you’ll have to find it first. Then, you’ll have to give the secret password before being allowed inside. Talk about being secretive…

6. Cat Café Nekorobi


Photo courtesy of Cat Cafe Nekorobi

This furry little café in Tokyo is the purrfect place for the cat lovers of the world. For just 1,100 yen–that’s about $9–you can sit and enjoy coffee while playing with our cute feline friends.

7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant


Photo courtesy of Conrad Hotels and Resorts

Located in the Maldives and owned by Conrad Hotels and Resorts, you can enjoy fine dining with an astonishing view 16 feet under the sea level at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. With 180° panoramic views of the ocean around it, this restaurant is truly one of the most beautiful places to dine.