Everyone who knows me well is aware of the fact that I LOVE Shah Rukh Khan. I've grown up watching all his romantic movies, admiring all the cutesy moments and going gaga over his dimples. Last week while binge watching one of my favorite movies Kal Ho Naa Ho, I came across the idea that his roles in most of his iconic movies are actually the type of foodies that exist.

So, here's a list of foodies inspired from SRK's best characters played onscreen.

1. "I Love Home Food" Foodie

Rahul from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is a complete family-oriented boy, who stays connected with his family values even after staying in a foreign land for a long time.

Just like Rahul, there are foodies who, no matter how far they're from their home will love the Indian food forever. And, whenever they come back home, "Rajma chawal for lunch" is always the most soothing statement (tears of happiness)!

2. The "Jugaadu" Foodie  

For all those days when we're broke or can't find anything good on Zomato, we become this "jugaadu" foodie soul from Raees. From ordering the cheapest food to making a mouth-watering meal out of the things we find in our kitchen, our inner Raees Alam can do anything.

3. "The Best friend" Foodie

"Where should I go for the date?" "What should I order for lunch?" and for all those never ending Wh-questions, we've The Best friend Foodie. This Foodie is like Aman from Kal Ho Naa Ho, having solutions for all our problems.

"Thank you dost!" is what we end up saying every time we call this foodie friend for help.

4. "I'm the coolest" Foodie

Srishti Seth

Well, who can forget the "COOL" Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai giving friendship bands to every possible girl in college? This type of foodie is just like Rahul, who is cool or at least tries to be cool with the information related to food.

New food joint in the city, what's trending in the food industry, all those quirky food-related terms, this foodie knows everything.

5. The "Detective" Foodie

Srishti Seth

Are you one of those people who wants to know every single ingredient of the dish? Then, you definitely have the detective mind of Badshah, hell bent on solving every mystery. Trust me, you try your best to get the recipe of every best dish.

6. "True lover" Foodie

Srishti Seth

Just like SRK's role in Veer Zaara, this type of foodie loves his favorite food wholeheartedly and doesn't prefer any innovation with the food. Chocolate Momos, Pasta Biryani and Oregano Pasta is a big No-No in the list.

7. "I can't say no to food" Foodie

Srishti Seth

Just like Major Ram Prasad Sharma (shhh!! Top Secret), this foodie can never say no to an extra bite or maybe, a whole gobhi paratha. Well, seems like this one also follows the rule of "There's always room for dessert, because the dessert goes to the heart."

This was my list inspired from SRK's reel characters. Which foodie are you based on SRK's character?