Recently my brother sent me a vine from Katie Ryan’s Vine page, and I basically peed my pants from laughing. This page is dedicated to an adorable five year old, Ava Ryan, whose humor is one for the books. This little gal speaks the truth and only the truth.

One thing that really resonated with me is her love for all things food. Seriously, she’s my spirit animal. Whether it’s pizza, cookies, nuts, or ice cream, Ava understands us foodies and our one true love.

Here are 7 times Ava Ryan was so incredibly relatable:



Ava is a girl after my own heart. Chocolate chip cookies are always a go-to purchase at the supermarket. If you want an epic recipe for a homemade version, try this one.


Way to make sure your mom’s priorities are straight, Ava. Nuts like almonds are high in protein and help boost your metabolism, so make sure you DON’T FORGET THE NUTS.

Ice cream



That’s how I feel too. And typically how most people feel, considering cheese’s addictive qualities.


This is every college kid, cramming studying in the library at 4 am before your 8 am exam. Little do they know, matcha is a better and healthier caffeine source.



Oh Ava, you literally resemble every white gal in the nation. Back away from the sushi, unless you can’t even.



">Ugh, they grow up so fast. At age 5, she already knows the tricks of denial. “Oh, you needed my ID? Sorry, I didn’t think to bring it.” More like, sorry I’m clearly underaged and just tryna get my beer on, hook a homie up please. If you’re not tryna get crunk but want the feel of drinking, try these non-alcoholic beers



You might see college kids roaming around campus and assume they’re having some sort of introspective walk, but the truth is… They’re most likely thinking about pizza. At least I know that’s what I’d be thinking about.

Ava, you just get me.