Sushi Burritos are the latest obsession in the hybrid-food world — it’s a burrito-sized sushi roll. Ingenious, right?!

You order and eat a sushi burrito the same way you would eat a regular burrito. Except, instead of eating beans and guacamole, you feast on a lean serving of salmon and shrimp.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried a sushi burrito yet, read on to realize just how many times sushi burritos will or have changed your life.

1. When you didn’t have to fail at using chopsticks for the millionth time.

We get it, chopsticks are extremely challenging utensils and it’s really hard not to make a fool of yourself while using them. Sushi burritos are the solution to all of your chopstick problems. You get the sushi without all the utensil struggles.

2. When sushi was affordable for the first time (ever).

Sushi can really drain your savings, which is no fun. However, with sushi burritos, you get a lot more sushi for a lot less money. For once, you can enjoy sushi without going broke. It’s a pretty good deal.

3. When fish was your food, not just your friend.

Fish is super yummy. Lucky for you, sushi burritos let you move fish out the friend-zone and into the food-zone.

4. When you had yet another opportunity to use the burrito emoji.

Now who doesn’t want another reason to use the burrito emoji?

5. When you actually ordered an “unagi” burrito.

When else will you be able to simultaneously order unagi and reenact this memorable scene from Friends? In case you didn’t know, unagi is a type of Japanese freshwater eel. Oh, and by the way, it tastes amazing in sushi burritos.

6. When you felt healthy AF, even after eating a burrito (because it’s actually sushi).

Sushi is healthy. Therefore sushi burritos are healthy. Start noshing.

7. When you truly got the best of both worlds.

Sushi burritos are the perfect combination of two of the world’s greatest foods. Go ahead, start doing the hula like Hannah Montana — sushi burritos are just so tasty they’ll make you want to dance.