Internationally-known WWE wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is well-known for his attitude and physicality and has, in recent years, taken Twitter and Instagram by storm. In particular, his posts about food have gained thousands of likes and comments from fans worldwide. Here are some highlights from the times The People’s Champion proved that he has the ultimate relationship with food and made us fall in love with food (and him) again.

1. When he celebrated his birthday on a plane with platters of donuts.

Food is always a great gift to receive, and The Rock showed his appreciation for the surprise birthday donuts from his crew.

2. When he got serious about National Pancake Day.

Hell, I thought every day was National Pancake Day… #Dominator #UncleJemima

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The Rock serves us an epic eyebrow and a stack of blueberry pancakes in order to properly celebrate National Pancake Day. Check out these must-try pancake recipes for your next National Pancake Celebration.

3. When he put our cheat meals to shame.

In addition to his wrestling and Hollywood fame, The Rock has become famous for his #EpicCheatMeals between filming movies. After months of clean eating and strict dieting for his roles, The Rock lets loose and takes on a meal of epic proportions.

4. When he shared the simple joy of brownies.

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The Rock makes it clear that there are few things in life greater than having a pyramid of brownies and a stein of milk in the afternoon. His smile is the smile of one who has been to the promised land of milk and brownies and is ready to visit again.

5. When he showed us the breakfast of a champion.

Good morning…Breakfast in the gym. #CaptCreamOfWheat

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Cream of wheat may not be the first food people think about having for breakfast, but it’s a staple in The Rock’s diet when he’s training. Judging by those leg muscles, he’s doing something right.

6. When he invited us to Thanksgiving dinner with his mother.

In a sentimental moment, The Rock shares with us a memory of hard times around Thanksgiving and shows us how far his family has come since then, showing gratitude towards his parents. After making us bust out the tissues, The Rock lightens the mood with his hashtag #IStillKickTryptophansAss to remind us that he’s still the champion of eating.

7. When he showed us his version of the Mile High Club.

Grilled buffalo meat, baked potato fries, and a small mountain of Rice Crispy treats round out this meal in the sky. But be warned—The Rock doesn’t share. Have your own Mile High Club with these Rice Krispie treat recipes.