Studying abroad for the summer is bound to be full of excitement…and confusion, especially if you like to spend your time in a kitchen.

Once you step off U.S. land, you are bound to run into unfamiliar culinary territory from grams (not related to grandmothers, we promise) to litres (which yes, are the same as liters).

After spending a month in England sharing a kitchen with over 30 other students, here are the top seven baking questions I suggest you avoid if conquering a new continent.

1. Why is there a scale in the kitchen?


Photo courtesy of Christian Schnettelker via flickr

Um, better question: Where are the measuring cups? **hold breath while fear sets in**

2. Is bicarbonate of soda a new Coca Cola product?


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…and why does it look like baking soda? Ahhhhh…wait, nevermind.

3. Why doesn’t the oven go up to 350º?


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Might want to solve this one before sticking stuff in there to bake… Hint: you are going to need a calculator or Google.

4. Will the eggs die if they aren’t refrigerated?


Photo by Parisa Soraya

No, no they will not. You will live, and it will be okay. (But don’t try it at home kiddos. As the LA Times explains, this is for European soil only.)

5. Aren’t joules just supposed to be used in physics class?

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Seriously, we are burning calories just thinking about this one. Grab your pencils and check out this article to crack the mysterious nutrition label code.

6. Why are Imperial pints and U.S. pints not the same thing?!

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Because otherwise it would just be too damn easy.

7. How much Nutella should I bring back in my suitcase?


Photo by Daniah Mohammed

Well, actually, they sell that in the states too.