We have all been there: it's dead week, you're bank account has been reduced to double digits, and you want to find things to do to distract yourself from all the stress. So what can you do in Corvallis with less than $10 to your name?

1) Have a Movie Night

Hollie Conger

Whenever I want to do something but happen to be low on funds, I always resort to watching movies. Whether it be alone watching Netflix, or going to the movie theater with friends. Movies are always a great, cheap option for your entertainment. If you decide to go to the movie theater, I recommend saving a few bucks and going to a matinee showing. Before 5PM the tickets are only $7.50. Also, skip the movie theater candy prices and just go buy candy from the dollar store and sneak it in—no one will know the difference. 

2) Take a Hike (or a Walk)

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Ava Courtney

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful part of Oregon; whenever I'm looking for some adventure, I always hike Bald Hill Trail or Mary's Peak. If you're looking for a great place to walk your dog, there's a great path along HWY 20 towards Philomath that starts near the dog park downtown or on the other side of town is the beautiful Jackson-Frazier Wetlands Trail.

3) Enjoy Your Oregon State University Student Benefits

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Emma Davis

Oregon State University has a lot of great services available to students for free or very little money, one of which is Bowling in the MU basement. This costs $3.00 per game, or $2.00 per game before 2PM, with a ridiculously small fee of $1.00 for shoe rental. In addition, students receive free tickets to all sports games. Also, as a part of your student fees, you have free access to things such as Dixon Rec Center and the MU's brand new Escape Room!

4) Go Out for Happy Hour

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Michelle Miller

Whomever invented Happy Hour, I would like to personally thank them for saving me so much money on drinks and appetizers. Happy Hour is a great way to pre-game on a budget or to catch up with friends. Corvallis has a lot of great eateries and bars that offer excellent Happy Hour services such as Applebee's, Sky High Brewery, and McMenamins. For a complete list of Happy Hour places and their hours, check out this awesome website specifically for Corvallis Happy Hour; IsItHappyHour.com

5) Explore Downtown Corvallis

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Heather Feibleman

Downtown Corvallis has a lot to offer if you're looking to save some money. The Wednesday and Saturday Farmer's Market is a great place to save some money on locally grown food and products. I also recommend just walking around Downtown Corvallis and exploring all the little shops; Many Hands Trading is always one of my favorite places to window shop.

I hope this list proves that even when you're broke as f**k, there's still stuff to do in Corvallis.