Ann Arbor is filled with tons of dining options, from late night cravings to upscale four-course meals. Food is a large part of UMich culture in many ways—game days, study days at the UGLi, and nighttime adventures are all experiences incomplete without some good Ann Arbor grub. Here are 7 food-related things you'll only understand if you go to the University of Michigan. 

1. South Quad Dining

South Quad is basically the holy grail of UMich dining halls. Being the largest and newest one, there is an overwhelming amount of options to choose from at every meal, and freshmen who don't live in South Quad definitely wish they did. If you have a dining plan, chances are you eat here every chance you get. Good luck trying to find a seat, though.

2. Pizza House Late Night Cravers Menu

Everyone loves Pizza House's famous feta bread, shakes, and pizza, but we don't always love the price. That's why their late night cravers menu is a godsend. After 10:00 pm, deals on various items are available and are WAY more affordable (not to mention they always have a code for free delivery). These deals are perfect for a movie night, a post-date-party meal, or a late night study sesh, and there is something for everyone. A whole feta bread and a delicious, creamy milkshake for only $9.99 is my personal Pizza House heaven.

3. Dinner at Sava's...When Your Parents Are in Town

Located on State Street, Sava's mac and cheese and sweet potato fries draw large crowds, especially on Parent's Weekend, since no one wants to actually pay for a meal here themselves. It's a rarity to see someone go without some relative, but even if you do spend some of your work-study paycheck on a meal here, it is so worth it. Be sure to try their breakfast items, too.

4. The Rare Zingerman's Sandwich

Zingerman's Deli is another staple frequented when you have someone else footing the bill. It is perhaps Ann Arbor's most well-known food establishment, and it has one of the best Reubens known to mankind. Ranging from $10.99 to $18.99, depending on ingredients and size (small or large), these sandwiches cost a pretty penny. However, with as much high-quality meat and cheese that is piled on these, you get a pretty good bang for your buck. The price coupled with the fact that it's pretty far off campus makes this meal a rarity, but it is definitely a quintessential Ann Arbor experience.

5. Fishbowls from Charley's

This isn't necessarily a food item but is a Michigan student standard nonetheless. Coming in a 64 oz. Mason jar, these brightly colored sugary drinks are everyone's favorite alcoholic beverage in Ann Arbor. Groups can always be spotted here, sharing a few fishbowls amongst their members, but some brave souls conquer the entire thing. Be careful, though; the nutritional stats on these are insane.

6. The Ever-Present Domino's Pizza

This chain pizzeria began in Ann Arbor in 1960 and has a partnership with the university's Greek Life, so chances are you've been to many parties and events that supply their pizza. Banners bearing the logo adorn the fronts of fraternity houses during rush season. Cottage Inn is the other large chain on campus, and everyone has their preference between the two. Spoon Tip: don't sleep on their chocolate lava cakes, and use their awesome delivery tracker.

7. Bert's is There in Desperate Times

Bert's in the undergraduate library is the go-to during those long study sessions. Providing caffeine and food fuel, their late hours provide students with the necessary sustenance needed for 3 am library pushes. Grab a latte, a sandwich, or some sweets and settle down on the 4th floor when you really need to get stuff done.

These are just a few of the things that define a Wolverine's diet. Those nights spent cramming for exams and tailgates would definitely not be the same without some take out or delivery, and a visit from family wouldn't be complete without a decadent meal out. It's no secret that studying at the #1 public university is pretty great, but the food options here make it 10x better.