As WashU students return to St. Louis for another semester, we all can't wait to reunite with the fine cuisine STL has to offer. The summertime has deprived us of all the favorite places we're accustomed to eating at school, and we've been craving them for months. Here is a list of 7 foods that meet WashU's stamp of approval, and if you're a freshman reading this, consider it your STL cuisine bucket list.

1. Mission Taco

After spending summers in many cities where overpriced tacos are very popular, Mission makes WashU students sigh with relief. If you're looking for delicious tacos with a twist that don't break the bank, look no further! Normally, Mission Taco ranges from $3.25-$4 per taco and each is most definitely worth it. But if you come after 10pm, tacos are only $2 each. My personal favorites are the Habanero Chicken Taco, the Portobello Taco, and the Chofu Taco. The BBQ Duck tacos are a crowd favorite. The guacamole and churros won't disappoint either, if you're looking for something to supplement your meal.

2. Three Kings Public House

Right down the street from Mission Taco (so also on the Delmar Loop), resides another Wash U favorite: Three Kings, affectionately referred to as Kings. This little gem is Wash U's version of a an essential college town pub. The drinks and food are cheap, the wings are fire, and the atmosphere is fun. The fried pickles are a must. Kings has always been a Wash U classic, and it will probably always stay that way.

3. Seoul Taco

I'll be honest, I'm personally not a huge Seoul fan, but I know that the majority of Wash U is. Seoul combines Korean and Mexican cuisine to create one of the kind creations like gogi bowls and kimchi fried rice quesadillas. People live for this stuff, especially their special "Seoul Sauce"—a spicy, creamy condiment that they put on pretty much everything. Because Seoul is so unique, it's hard to find anything else like it, so of course it adds to Wash U students' excitement to be back in the city.

4. BBQ

St. Louis barbeque is among the best in the country. While it may not beat Kansas City's, St. Louis' BBQ joints still hold their own. Wash U students love to hit up BBQ joints like Salt 'N Smoke, Pappy's, and Sugarfire to satisfy their rib and brisket cravings. There's nothing quite like the comfort of a good brisket, and it's definitely something you can't find (done right) everywhere in the world.

5. Toasted ravioli

Toasted ravioli, known as toasted ravs, are a St. Louis delicacy. Originally created in the Hill in St. Louis, toasted ravs are meat or cheese filled raviolis that are breaded and deep fried, served topped with Parmesan and tomato sauce. It's genius, absolutely genius. While they have now spread all over the country, none of them will ever beat the original St. Louis toasted rav.

6. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is another St. Louis classic. Their "concretes" come in countless flavors and are a perfect way to cool off from that late St. Louis summer heat. They're creamy, delicious, and unique. Whether you're ordering a specific Ted Drewes flavor, or creating your own mix, there's always going to be something for everyone,

7. John's Donuts

Last but certainly not least is John's Donuts—my personal favorite spot in St. Louis. Not only are John's donuts the best donuts I've ever had (and that's coming from someone whose favorite food is donuts), but going to John's is also a one of a kind experience. John's is only open from 11pm to 1pm daily— prime donut consuming hours. It's a hidden STL gem that is both weird and delicious. While its a little far from WashU, it's 100% worth it. Seriously, I love a warm John's apple fritter almost as much as I love my dog.

So, when you're feeling down about getting back to school work and away from the comfort of your bed at home, check out this list to lift your spirits. You'll remember all the foods you love in St. Louis, and they'll remind you why you love WashU.