The springtime weather in the Pacific Northwest is, well…unpredictable. On any given day we are likely to see scattered rain showers, blissful sunshine, gusts of wind and gloomy clouds. Sometimes all in the course of one afternoon.

One of the ways we Eugenians cope with the fickle weather is by sampling excellent beers. On one particularly gloomy day, I decided to head to the Bier Stein, where I “researched” seven spring friendly selections that you need to try. Cheers.

Spring Rye

Photo by Judy Holtz

Burnside Spring Rye

This spring release from Portland’s Burnside Brewing Company is a single hop rye ale seasoned with coriander. This ale features some nuttiness, some spiciness and just the right amount of hop to balance it out. It is a crisp and refreshing midafternoon brew with some classic flavors.



Photo by Judy Holtz

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

Weighing in at 9.7% ABV, this beer is no punk. It is also an excellent representation of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s new vibe.  The company developed and released this American strong ale following an investigation and suspension of their brewery. A rich, bold beer with a bitter hoppy front and malty sweet finish.


Stone IPA

Photo by Judy Holtz

Stone Go To IPA

An ultra tasty release from Stone Brewing Company managed to make its way to my list all the way from So-Cal. Thanks to a fancy new “hop bursting” technique, this brew has the bold citrus flavors of a heavier IPA coupled with a low 4.5% ABV. Very drinkable, this one is best enjoyed outdoors on a hot day.



Photo by Judy Holtz

Elysian Oddland

A limited edition ginger berry brown ale from the Elysian brewery in Seattle. The label describes it as a “thicket of raspberry, blackberry and boysenberry with a thorny touch of ginger.” I describe it as ‘effin delicious. Go buy it.


Citrus Mistress

Photo by Judy Holtz

Hop Valley Citrus Mistress

This IPA from Hop Valley is brewed with grapefruit peel. I ain’t mad at it. Sometimes these kinds of beers can be overly dominated by the featured ingredient, but in this case the grapefruit is a subtle addition. A crisp and sessionable IPA with a nice hop profile.


The New Ale

Photo by Judy Holtz

Ninkasi ReNewAle 2014

Each year Ninkasi features a different beer style for their ReNewAle, and this time it is a springtime alternative pale ale. It tastes a lot like an English-style pale with a bready, toasted malt flavor and a much more delicate hoppiness than their other beers.



Photo by Judy Holtz

Gilgamesh Mamba

The brewers at Gilgamesh have crafted something pretty unique here. It is a hopless ale brewed with black tea and tangerine peel. Great aroma and lightly carbonated. The tangerine peel gives it a sweet citrus zing which is followed by a dry black tea finish.

There now, you have your marching orders. Get out and enjoy the springtime weather over some tasty craft beer. The flavor and style possibilities are endless, but these selections should be enough to get you started.

Special thanks goes out to The Bier Stein on this one, they were gracious enough to let us shoot some photographs in their establishment. Next time your feeling thirsty for some suds, go there.