Carbs literally raise the seratonin levels in your brain, making them scientifically good for you and also delicious. Here are some #SpoonFeed photos of the week of pasta we wish we were eating right now.

Some people lift weights, I lift noodles ? ? #dcfoodporn

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We’re into @dcfoodporn’s gym routine.

Monday ?

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Meatless Monday ftw.

Say hello to dinner ?? Don't forget we deliver!

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Gemelli is a fun noodle. Italian food totally conquers all.

For when you can’t take any more Kraft. But when you have to use it, here’s a way to spice it up.

Not yo momma’s ramen. Learn how to mix it up here.

Literally a work of art. Here’s how to make your own bolognese at home.

Happy Sunday from my bowl of ramen to yours, hopefully. ? #gothamwestmarket #hellskitchen #nyc

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Taking a bath in that warm broth could be fun. Here’s one way to use your leftovers.

Pasta are an integral part of our lives, and especially our Instagram. You should take a page out of our book, because you can never have too many carbs.