Whether you’re starting college with a rando roommate or going back to live with your best buddy, sometimes you’ve got to worry about your favorite snacks being robbed. But hey, we’ve all done it… we just don’t like when our own supplies are taken.


Here are 7 creative (and kind of ridiculous) ways to hide your goods from your roommate like a badass super spy.

Hide an entire sleeve of cookies in a cereal box

Hide Oreos in Cereal Box.

Find a cereal box. Preferably one that your roommate finds disgusting — maybe Raisin Bran. Because who likes Raisin Bran (besides your dad)? The cookies should slide right in like a sneaky match made in heaven.

Hide M&M’s in a bottle

Hide M&Ms in a Bottle

Grab a reusable water bottle or a clean shampoo bottle and hide your goodies in there. This can be M&M’s, Skittles, your weed — whatever. If your roommate catches you eating out of a shampoo bottle just own it and stare right back at them without breaking eye contact.

Hide your gum in a pillow case

Hide Gum in a Pillow Case

Everyone ever: “Hey, do you have gum?”

Tell your roommate to buy their own gum so they can stop harassing you. Then, when they’re gone, pull your gum out of your pillow case, make your best evil smirk, and get minty fresh.

Hide your Clif bars inside of tissue boxes

Hide Bars in a Tissue Box

Unless your roommate is sick all the time, hide your favorite bars at the bottom of a tissue box. They’ll never find ’em.

Hide your Snickers in an empty frozen food bag

Hide Snickers in Frozen Food Bag

Again, grab a bag of frozen food that your roommate would never want to eat. Hide some Snickers in it and shove it in the back of your freezer. Not only will your Snickers be untouched, but they’ll be deliciously frozen.

Hide your fave chips underneath the garbage bag in your garbage bin

Hide Chips under Garbage Bag

It may sound disgusting, but it’s not. As long as your chips are’t opened yet, they will definitely stay safe and clean. If your roommate is going through the trash for food, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.

Hide your liquor in a rolled up shirt in a drawer

Hide Liquor in Rolled Shirt

There is no better way to keep your drunkard roommate (or overprotective mother) from taking your booze. Roll up some shirts in your drawer and slip your liquor in one.


Boom. Now you’re a hiding pro. Now matter how much you may (hopefully) love your roommate, some of your goods just aren’t for them.