Most students know that keeping your dorm properly stocked can be an imposition on your limited budget and schedule. Thankfully, the beauty of the internet is making snacking in college easier all of the time. Whether you have new cravings every week or you have loved the same snack since you were little, there is a website that will make stocking your shelves a less time consuming part of your hectic schedule. Here are some of the best websites (in no particular order) to crush your cravings without making the trek to a grocery store: 

1) Thrive Market

Thrive Market sells the most of the same brands that you would except to find in the aisles of Whole Foods Market, but Thrive is easier on your student budget and you don't have to ever leave your house. I love to use Thrive when I want to try new snacks since their prices are so much lower than most competition and their sizes aren't so huge that you're committing to something you might not love.

2) Amazon Pantry

If you are looking for the best site to find (literally) anything for beyond amazing prices, then look no further! Amazon Pantry is all you need to restock your shelves with all of your snacking needs or find anything else you may possibly want for feeling at home. Plus, you will get your order faster than most of the other sites if you are fancy enough to have a Prime membership! 

3) Brandless

Brandless is GREAT for high quality and inexpensive snacking basics! In addition to the basics, Brandless has tons of original chips, cookies, cake mixes, and even more options that are simple and awesome. I use Brandless for things like coconut oil and peanut butter. Plus when I say their products are affordable, I really mean it. Everything on their site is $3. Don't believe me? Go check it out!  

4) Nature Box

If you are one of those people who constantly switches between craving salty and sweet things then you should check out Nature Box. They have everything from dried fruit to cheesy craving busters! Select a few snacks from all kinds of categories, and your personalized box will be delivered within a few business days!

5) Boxed

Do you have that one snack you find yourself constantly restocking on? Boxed is perfect for you! By specializing in bulk delivery, they are able to send you the foods you love for ultra low prices and you get to skip a few months of trips to the store.

6) Graze 

Graze is super fun because you can choose between ordering a bunch of your favorite snack or composing a box of tons of new things to try. Similar to Nature Box, you can pick and choose between a variety of options and sample multiple things or order bunches of one thing you already know you like. Personally, I highly recommend all of their dippers as a wonderful on-the-go snack to keep in your backpack, purse, or bag of choice. 

Happy snacking!