As we all know, Beyoncé gave birth this past week to twins, and I'm supremely jealous of those babies. Their parents are relationship goals, and Blue Ivy is probably the best older sister this world has ever seen. I'm expecting these twins to have a pretty lit upbringing, starting with their baby food.

I'm obviously not friends with Beyoncé, so I don't know what she's feeding the newborns, but I have some speculations. Beyonce has been known to have a vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free diet (along with the occasional cheat day). And remember the 22Days Challenge, a vegan meal plan Jay-Z created with the couple's trainer back in 2013? I'm guessing these babes are going to be raised probably vegan, with little sugar or processed foods in their diets. 

So check out these bougie-ass baby foods that are fit for royalty, or you know, Beyoncé's children — same thing. 

Nourish Baby (Subscription Service)

Price: $120/week 

Beyoncé is kinda busy, so understandably, she might not have time to cook for her babies. Nourish Baby is the perfect alternative, with all-organic, GMO-free meals perfect for these budding babes.

On a side note, the child pictured above is drinking coconut and hemp-seed milk, which is legit something I'm not sure I could not stomach as a 20-year-old, nonetheless as an infant. But kudos to this kiddo! 

Annabel Karmel (Jars)

Price: $19/jar

Annabel Karmel's baby food has gotten the actual royal seal of approval: Queen Elizabeth honored Karmel as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2006. If that's not enough for Queen Bey, I don't know what is. 

Tummy Thyme (Food Delivery)

Price: $48 for tester kit (12 meals)

I don't really get why this food is so expensive. Tummy Thyme is delivered in frozen cubes that have to be defrosted overnight, but Gwyneth Paltrow likes it, so it must be healthy at least. 

So Good Baby (Pouches)

Price: $3 per pouch

For So Good Baby food, you are paying $3 for 60 calories of produce. Literally, why? I guess it might be worth it if you don't want your child to eat gluten, dairy, or soy. No shame on people who follow these diets themselves (like um, Bey), but anyone could probably make these blended produce meals at home for half of the cost. 

Raised Real (Food Delivery)

Price: $4.75/meal + Cost of Raised Real Machine

Raised Real food is all prepped for you, and it looks gourmet af. All food is flash frozen at peak freshness so that your tot gets the best of the best, which is exactly what Bey and Jay want for their little bundles of joy. 

Yummy Spoonfuls (Pouches)

Price: $2.29/pouch

Co-founded by Camila Alves, Yummy Spoonfuls works hard to provide single-ingredient, organic, non-GMO pouches. Also, it's relatively reasonable in price compared to some of these other options, so Bey can use them if she wants to be a bit thrifty.

Liv Healthy Baby

Price: $6/jar or $132 for a week's worth of meals for babies ages 10 months+

Get your baby's food delivered straight to your door by Newport Beach's Liv Healthy Baby. The offerings are pretty generic (think pureed fruits and veggies), but the bougieness rating is off the charts with it's glass jar and twine packaging. 

Whether Beyoncé chooses juice, frozen, or pouched foods, I'm sure these babies are going to be pampered. She is the queen and these twins are royalty, so bow down bitches.