Remember the good old days? Before that child climbed into Hamrabe's enclosure, before the Class of 2015 graduated, and before the hand swiping technology and "Anytime Dining" talk? I sure do.

Back then, the dining plan ran on a point system where students would pay per item for their meals, meaning that they only had to pay for what they ate. While the old dining plan is now a thing of the past, there's no stopping us from reminiscing. So if you're a classmate suffering from withdrawal now that the dining plan has changed, here are seven little reminders of what we once had.

1. Customized Wraps

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There was no guarantee your wrap wouldn't fall a part three seconds after you gave it your first bite, but at least you had the option to pick and choose exactly what you wanted in it. And admit it, after making a customary round at The Diner, you knew you'd eventually settle for a wrap after finding nothing else appealing. 

2. Salad Sensations

Jenny Georgieva

For some reason these just tasted better than the salads you made yourself at the salad bar, and huge portions meant two meals instead of one.

3. Maryland Dairy

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So thick and filling, a scoop of this ice cream is considered more of a meal than a dessert. The Maryland Dairy's presence at the dining halls will be missed. I guess we'll have to settle with soft serve, or make the trek to Stamp.

4. Treating your friends and parents to the dining hall 

Emma Weiss

Sure, we no longer have to budget points, but be ready to budget how many off campus friends you can bring to the dining halls this year unless you want to upgrade your meal plan. We only have a limited number of guest passes, after all. 

5. Leftover Terpbucks

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Jordan Stovka

A savior for those pulling all nighters. You knew these would come in handy when you got hungry at ungodly hours of the night, and if you didn't spend them all during the semester, you probably had enough to go on a little shopping spree at The Commons Shop and treat yourself. Alas, you can't do this anymore (unless you have the unlimited plan).

6. Having 251 be the treat you've waited for all week

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Alex Vu

An acceptable date spot if all else failed, but sorry, 251, now that it's "anytime dining," you're nothing special anymore. Also, no offense, but it seems you've lost your pasta game as well. 

7. Carry out

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A nightmare for introverts everywhere. UMD may be aiming for "community," but there's some obvious "chaos" when there's nowhere to sit and maybe only one or two people occupying a table for six.

Also, my condolences for those with back-to-back classes. Guess you're just going to have to starve, since your friends can't bring you food and you can't take it to go. Better luck with your schedule next semester.