Remember how your mother treated you to your favourite pasta during the stressful exams? Or the time when your friends cooked a special homestyle dinner in the hostel just because you were feeling home sick?

Times like these remind us that food binds us in innumerable ways. Food sees no boundaries.

We all love food. This is a universal truth. We might not be too open about our feelings for it but the fact is that it makes us happy.

While you may not be dreaming about your favourite meal all the time but you certainly think about it in times of distress. Whether you are going through a tough break-up or celebrating an achievement–this is one thing that will stick with you through thick or thin.

So, what is it about food that brings a hundred watt smile to your face? We cite a couple of foodiliciously happy moments that you may have experienced (or missed) at some point in your lives. Read on to know more.

Happiness is…

1. Knowing that there is new food somewhere that you haven’t tried.

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There is always that one person in our group (might just be you) who is never satisfied. Their behaviour around food is like a two year old when he gets a new toy.

They take you to a different hangout every time, because they have apparently heard about a signature dish that they must try else the heavens will fall. And they always order something out of the box and make a mental note about what they will order in their next visit.

2. Eating your ice cream before it melts.


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Ice cream is hands down the most preferred form of dessert that never fails to work as a remedy. Whether it is to cure a tooth-ache (or heart-break) or simply to celebrate happy times, ice cream does it all.

3. Spending time cooking fabulous food for people you love.

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Not everyone gets their share of happiness from eating. There are some who get pleasure from looking up recipes in a cook book and experimenting with new dishes just to please the ones they adore.

4. Splurging on fast food every now and then.

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Although I admit that healthy eating habits should be professed and practiced, one cannot deny the fact that munching on that cheese burger or taking a bite of that pizza can give one a sense of profound happiness from time to time.

5. Free food.

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These are the two words which, when heard together, make your heart skip a beat. If you are the one who tries all the free food samples at the college fair or the one who is always open to a birthday treat, then this one is for you. Acquiring food was never this easy!

6. Eating carbs without putting on weight.

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This one has probably been on your bucket list for ages. If only you could have a burger for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and pizza for dinner and still look like your favourite actor.

7. When your mom cooks your favourite dish.

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If the food is not cooked from the heart and soul, then it isn’t food indeed. It is definitely a throw back moment when your mother cooks your favourite dish for you.

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