Buddy the Elf is undoubtedly one of the most favorited and spirited characters in all of Christmas movie history. His iconic love for the holiday, and for other people, is enough to make others constantly quote his words and spread cheer during the season. 

Beyond the holiday season, why don't we live like Buddy the Elf more often? His healthy habits, minus the high level of sugar intake, should definitely be adapted to our everyday lives. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why everyone should live like Buddy the Elf year-round:

#1 He appreciates the little things.

In the movie, Buddy is constantly hyped about Christmas, but he also makes it apparent to get excited about the little things that go on around him. Maybe it's as simple as seeing a dog in the park, meeting someone named Francisco, or drinking a crappy cup of coffee. When was the last time you got excited about something like this? Some even say a positive mindset makes for a better immune system-- happier and healthier you!

#2 He's nice to everyone.

Buddy is constantly handing out compliments, waving to strangers, and spreading joy. He goes beyond the golden rule and reaches out to others, which is rewarding in turn. The more joy you spread the more joy you have yourself! After all, there's room for everyone on the nice list. 

#3 He treats himself.

Despite Buddy's busy days of cheering up people around him, he takes time for himself too. Take moments to kick back like Buddy the Elf. Enjoy one Netflix show, a fifteen minute catnap, or treat yourself to a sugary snack. This can be your gateway to a more productive version of yourself!

#4 He has no regrets.

Buddy doesn't dwell on what happens in the past, but instead embraces all his actions — for goodness sake, he's a grown man who walks around New York City in bright yellow tights. And you're embarrassed about what? Our uniqueness makes us who we are, and we shouldn't let society stop us from being just that.

#5 He makes ordinary things fun.

Though the holidays add a bit more excitement into your everyday life, where has the charisma of ordinary tasks gone? At one point you used to love your schoolwork, or your job, or working out. Try to take a new route to class, go to a new workout class, or simply find the joy in everyday moments. Pretty soon you'll be as spirited as Buddy the Elf!

#6 He doesn't complain.

Even when he makes the wrong amount of Etch-A-Sketches or gets kicked out of his dad's office he never fails to look at the positive side. Buddy's positive outlook on life is like no other. Next time you start complaining about all the stuff you have to do, just look around and find something good in the situation. After all, you can avoid dampening your mood by complaining only rarely, and also steering away from other complainers. 

#7 He loves smiling.

If all else fails, just try to crack the occasional smile. It is even psychologically proven that smiling more often can boost your mood!