Spoon University has grown into a quality, influential media company rooted around the from weekly Saturday features on the Food Network Snapchat to articles on Buzzfeed and Brainfood conferences. It is the food resource our generation wants and needs, and you can easily become a part of it by applying for Spoon Manhattan College. (To get a feel of our chapter, check out our Instagram @spoon_manhattan.) 

Get connected with others on campus who share the same passion for food that you do. Be involved in something bigger than yourself. We are looking for creatives who want to work as marketers, writers, event planners, photographers, videographers and graphic artists.  

1. Food is the focus.

Become a part of a community that not only loves food but wants to share that love with other members and readers worldwide. 

2. NYC is the greatest food city in America.

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Aside from having the best pizza, New York City is home to a plethora of amazingly unique eats from cultures allover the world. Step out of your culinary comfort zone and taste all that this amazing city has to offer. 

3. Explore and create content of your choosing.

Spoon focuses on creating content that is not only interesting to you but also important to you. Subjects ranges from where-to and how-to recipes and reviews, to international lifestyle and news. The spectrum is wide. It is up to you to create killer content that readers love and you are proud of. 

4. Spoon HQ is only a subway ride away.

Spoon HQ is located right in midtown, and their team is available to help in any way possible. It is also a unique opportunity to see the actual work that each member on the team contributes day in and day out. 

5. Connect with renowned foodies.

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Social media has had and continues to have significant influence on food culture, especially in large cities. Being in New York affords the opportunity to connect with a massive pool of foodies driving such influence. 

6. Prepare yourself for life after undergraduate.

Writing allows you the unique opportunity to be published and reach readers all over the world. Not only does experience working with Spoon look good on your resume, it transforms the way you research and explore information. 

7. Attend events with quality food, drink and company.

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Free pizza at school events gets boring after a while, even for pizza lovers. In a group of foodies who create recipes (like these dark chocolate coconut bars sent from heaven), you will not be disappointed with the creativity of food and drink options you find available to you. 

Becoming a member of Spoon Manhattan College, and the international Spoon community, is the perfect way to get your foot in the door of the amazing world that is the food industry. Not only will you develop your tastebuds, but grow as a future leader and innovator in whatever field you choose. Join today!