Halloween heightens fear in everyone. Not only because of the scary stories, spooky tricks, and creepy creepers, but also because of the skimpy costumes they know they will be putting on at the end of the month.

The desire to “dress to impress” can cause people to want to shed a few pounds during the Halloween season.  And while I am all for looking and feeling your best, I don’t think you should feel pressure this Halloween to skimp out on the treats… save the skimping for your clothes.

Here are my 7 reasons why you should eat as many treats as you want to this Halloween:

1. Candy tastes good.

Candy is amazing. Chocolate, gummies, Skittles, Reese’s cups, lollies, sour-sucky thingies. All great. Why avoid the good stuff? Allow yourself to be Augustus Gloop. Take all the dang all the dang chocolate you want.

2. Trick or TREAT YO SELF.

Courtesy of tumblr.com

GIF courtesy of tumblr.com

Halloween literally is about treating-yo-self. Trick or treat? There’s really only one answer to that question. Tricks are fun, but treats are so much better. You know you’d much rather take the treat than the trick.

3. It celebrates candy.

Courtesy of reddit.com

GIF courtesy of reddit.com

Halloween is the one time to not feel guilty about indulging in some sweet sweet treats. So get your fix while you can because if there’s a time to give in, it’s during the holiday that celebrates it.

4. It happens once a year.

Courtesy of giphy.com

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

How can you feel guilty about something that only happens once a year? Answer: You can’t. If you are really disciplined 364/365 days of the year, you are doing much better than the rest of us. So let us other suckers feel better about ourselves by giving in this Halloween.

5. You will be wearing a costume.

Courtesy of giphy.com

GIF courtesy of giphy.com

It doesn’t matter how old you are, most likely you will be dressing up. Therefore, no one will even notice that tiny bit of pudge you gained from eating too many treats. It’ll be hidden under a costume. And even if they do, you won’t look like you anyways, so who cares?

6. Thanksgiving is around the corner.

Courtesy of tumblr.com

GIF courtesy of tumblr.com

Thanksgiving requires an expanded stomach. Might as well start early this year. In fact, you can even consider it as preparing for the holiday season. Winter is coming.

7. You will be happier.

Courtesy of tumblr.com

Gif courtesy of tumblr.com

When all your friends are chowing down on Halloween candy and you are anxiously sitting around them trying to avoid consuming the sweets, that is the definition of misery. Instead, you could partake in the fun and not worry about the extra calories. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Halloween is an awesome time of year. Don’t avoid the festivities because you are worried about dropping a few just for that costume, because in the end—it’s not a big deal. Remember: Everything in moderation.