IU’s chapter of Spoon University is having a dine and donate night with BuffaLouie’s Monday March 2nd, from 5-9 pm.  It costs us money to create tasty events for you guys, so help us help you. Go by yourself, bring a friend, sister, brother, dad, mom, grandma, date, or literally anyone else you vaguely know and eat some Buffa’s.

1. You get to eat the best burgers and wings EVER.


2. You don’t have to cook dinner. That’s right, more time for Netflix. SCORE.


3. You can meet new people and hangout with the Spoon IU team  We’re cool. You’re cool. Let’s do something about it.


4. Eating at BuffaLouie’s is like making an investment, thanks to their rewards program.


5. Mondays are the worst but this will make it better.


6. Ya gotta eat at some point.


7. The money Spoon raises from the dine and donate goes towards awesome events (like free food and music on campus).


Want to keep Spooning?