The year of 2017 might not have been the best for us personally but it was most definitely the year of crazy, weird and biggest food trends fueled by social media. You might love them or absolutely despise them but you've definitely heard of them. Some of them brought a successful food-culture revolution, but some failed to capture the essence of the invention. Some were totally amazing while the others got eventually ridiculous. Let’s take a look at which food trends stuck and which went straight to the garbage. So here's a quick recap to 7 popular and crazy food trends of 2017 that took over the internet.

1. Rainbow Foods

candy, cream, sweet, cake, chocolate, sprinkles, goody, pastry, cookie
Emma Lally

This trend officially began in 2016 but made its over into 2017 and completely overtook the internet. The trend started off slow with rainbow bagels and cakes but quickly went to rainbow sushi, grilled cheese and even dyed lattes! What began as an aesthetically pleasing trend on Instagram slowly became completely ridiculous. 

2. Charcoal Ice Cream

sweet, waffle, cream, wafer, chocolate, goody, ice, relish, candy
Alex Frank

Ah, the ice cream as black as our souls. Activated charcoal powder is praised as a detoxifying ingredient, but the real appeal of using it in ice creams is its striking appearance. It was one great goth item to tackle the overwhelming amount of rainbow foods on social media!

3. Unicorn Foods

butter, chocolate
Arden Sarner

Unicorns were everywhere! Inspired by the rainbow trend, these whimsical foods also carried over from 2016 with full force. They're shimmery with sprinkles and sparkly candy and are just as colorful as rainbow foods, but come in pastel hues. Sometimes these foods are shaped like actual unicorns, while other times fluffy ingredients like -marshmallows, cotton candy, or frothy foam- stand in for soft unicorn fur.

4. Ice Cream Rolls

ice cream, ice, sprinkles, cream, chocolate, cake
Cassidy Rizza

Talk about happy places and an ice cream parlour pops up in your mind. This latest sweet obsession on social media tastes heavenly and is also a visual treat as the process of it being made is super satisfying! Different varieties of rolled ice creams are made in front of you by mixing real fruit flavours, raisins, nuts and are sprinkled with toppings of your choice! Absolutely DELICIOUS.

5. Freak Shakes And Waffles

Devika -

These freak shakes and waffles took over Instagram last year and there is no doubt they will continue to reign supreme this year as well! How could they not with their delicious and lavish designs featuring cookies, chocolate sticks, ice cream scoops, sprinkles, candies, chocolate bars, wafers, chocolate sauce and waffles? So tempting!

6. Sushi Doughnuts

salmon, rice, sushi, tuna, sashimi, fish
Hannah Freiberg

As the name suggests, a dish which is a cross between a sushi and a doughnut was a handy snack of 2017. These sushi doughnuts might have been a little outlandish and not the most practical things out there but this adventurous, creative and visually appealing food was most definitely successful in taking over your Instagram feed in 2017.

7. Matcha

soup, tea, matcha, green tea, cream
Marie Chantal Marauta

Matcha has been a buzzword in the past couple of years but this trend grew quite a lot on social media last year. Besides the great aesthetic, there are actually tons of health benefits in Matcha. It is a special type of powdered green tea that is grown and produced in Japan and has been an extremely popular tea. Inadvertently, Matcha has become a favorite ingredient not only in its original form – green tea powder; but in tons of desserts like macaroons, lattes, smoothies and so much more!

Here's to hoping for more amazing, extravagant and crazy food trends this new year