The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is less than a few weeks away. While the season is primarily about reflection, worship, and spiritual growth, it’s also about time spent with loved ones and bonding over shared iftars. At college, that means exploring the local culinary scene for dining options to break your fast.

These options must, of course, be halal. Halal translates from Arabic to English as “permissible” and refers to food that is acceptable under Islamic law, including meat that is slaughtered within halal guidelines. This year, I’ve already started compiling my dream list of Ramadan dinner orders — an easy task when you go to school in a city as vibrant as Atlanta. Here’s a list of seven places to get halal food by Emory University — during Ramadan or any other time of year!

1. Zyka: The Taste

A mere 8-minute drive away, Zyka frequently tops the list of halal restaurants near Emory’s main campus. A classic in the neighborhood for several years, the Metro Atlanta Indian eatery offers mouth-watering meals like grilled behari kabob and chicken biryani with a combination of both great taste and convenience. Top off your dining experience with a mango lassi for a refreshing sip that will make you forget all about your upcoming QTM 100 midterm.

2. Mukja

Going to school in the South means eventually encountering excellent fried chicken. At Mukja, the regional classic dish gets a fresh twist with a Korean-American fusion. Located in Midtown, Mukja is just around 15 minutes away from Emory. Comfort sides like mac & cheese, loaded fries, and corn make this eatery every college student’s ideal restaurant. Note that everything on this menu is halal except for the mukja bowl, which contains grilled pork.

3. Salsa Taqueria

Salsa Taqueria offers a full halal menu. Items like tamales, tacos, burgers, and wings make the restaurant a favorite amongst Emory’s students. While small, this gas station eatery is a solid choice for takeout. Don’t forget to order ice cream for the perfect dessert combination!

4. Rumi's Kitchen

A bit more upscale, Rumi’s Kitchen offers some of the best Persian cuisine in the Atlanta area. The chicken, lamb, seafood, and koobideh all meet halal standards. The restaurant also includes a beautiful interior — think aesthetic Instagram goals. Rumi’s is one of my all-time favorites, and beyond halal meat, you can never go wrong with one of the fresh salads. Although Rumi’s is a bit of a further drive from Emory, there are locations in Sandy Springs, Colony Square, and Avalon, and the food is well worth the distance.

5. Ameer's Mediterranean Grill

For a closer Mediterranean option, this Druid Hills staple is a great choice with a fully halal menu. Delectable dishes like hummus, falafel, and chicken shawarma top the menu at Ameer's Mediterranean Grill — does it even get any better?

6. Sauce Wing Company

Sauce Wing Company is another personal favorite of mine. The eatery serves crispy chicken seasoned to perfection, and the chili cheese fries are good enough to melt in your mouth. The restaurant also has incredible wall art displaying Atlanta icons that you've probably seen all over your social media feed. While Sauce Wing Company is a bit of a further drive from Emory than others on this list, it's still a drive that I am willing to make every single time. And luckily, a Midtown location is coming soon!

7. Bawarchi

According to several students, Bawarchi is good enough to rival Zyka as the best Indian cuisine with halal food near campus. The name pays homage to the talented chefs who keep culinary traditions alive, and for good reason — these dishes are delightful. Choose from a wide selection of various biryanis, or mixed rice and meat meals. While Halal meat is offered in abundance, plenty of seafood appetizers and vegetarian options also appear on the menu, making Bawarchi a great spot to stop by with friends.