The paleo diet is modeled off the diets of early humans and mainly consists of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. This diet excludes dairy and grain products, as well as processed foods like refined sugars, fast food, etc. Basically, it's like a low-carb diet, but easier because you can still eat lots of fresh fruit and some starchy vegetables. 

However, like any diet, the paleo diet can be hard to sustain without proper resources. To make sure you're getting the proper amount of nutrients and eating according to this diet's guidelines, check out these paleo apps for iPhone and Android to make planning your meals a little easier. 

1. Paleo Diet Plan

avocado, tuna, cucumber, rice
Olivia Chadwick

Availability: Android

Price: Free 

This app is great for anyone wanting to start paleo diet, but isn't sure how to begin. Paleo Diet Plan is a great platform for beginners who are looking to try something new by establishing a foundation fit to your needs. The app has multiple ideas on meal planning, but also provides details on the best snacks to fulfill your cravings. My favorite feature are the many dessert ideas, which are the toughest to make up yourself since this diet doesn't allow refined sugars. 

2. Paleo Leap 

Availability: Android and iPhone

Price: Free

Paleo Leap is the ultimate paleo recipe guide. This app has over 900 recipes to choose from, which are broken down into categories such as red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, soups, salads, sweets and snacks, as well as many others. You can even filter recipes by whether or not they use slow cookers, if they're autoimmune-friendly, or if they fit a certain price range.

3. Paleo Plate

Jessica Suss

Availability: iPhone and Androids 

Price: Free

Not only does this app provide helpful meal ideas, but it also takes a photo-centric approach to food. It has so many tasty food pics that you won't be able to skip over. Food photography gallery? Why not? You can even connect the app to your social media and share your amazing creations with your friends. 

4. Nom Nom Paleo

Availability: iPhone 

Price: $5.99 

Nom Nom Paleo won the 2014 Webby award for best lifestyle app and is run by popular food blogger Michelle Tam. Nom Nom Paleo was recognized as the #1 Food & Drink app, and there are over 145 simple recipes on it. All recipes are free of gluten, soy, and refined sugar.

5. Yummly

Availability: iPhone and Andriod

Price: Free 

Yummly is an app any food lover can enjoy, paleo dieters included. This app has over 1 million unique recipes that can be filtered to fit any individual's dietary needs. Although Yummly is not exclusive to paleo diets, there are lots of paleo-friendly recipes on this app. You can also make a shopping list of items you need for recipes and purchase kitchen tools through the app.

6. Eat This Much 

Availability: iPhone and Android 

Price: Free

Eat This Much is an easy and fun way to get your diet on. You provide information on your diet goals as well as the foods you like, and the app will generate a complete meal plan that fits your needs. You can track your caloric intake and find recipes that fit your dieting criteria. By tracking your goals for each day, this app provides extra motivation to continue eating paleo.

7. Paleo (io)

Availability: iPhone and Android 

Price: Free 

Paleo (io) lets you to search for any food and it'll tell you whether it's paleo or not. If a food is paleo, the app provides explains what makes it paleo. Over time, you'll figure out which types of foods to avoid on the paleo diet, and you won't need to use this app as much.

Whether you're experimenting with the paleo diet or are making it a permanent part of your lifestyle, these paleo apps will make your journey a lot simpler. In the age of the internet, you no longer have to guess about which foods are good for you or stress about deciphering recipes. With these apps, so much of that confusion and pressure is alleviated. 

#SpoonTip: There are pros and cons to any diet and the paleo diet is no exception. When in doubt, chat with a nutritionist about your individual dietary needs to figure out what's best for your body.