Although the Sochi Olympics went out on a bang, winter is here to stay (alas). Never fear, Spoon here knows just the right foods to tide you over the rest of the season.

1. Hydration Station: as the Sochi athletes would tell you, the rate of hydration required in the winter is in fact higher. Munch on some cucumbers for those cumbersome days ahead.

2. Blueberries: full of anti-inflammatory antioxidant, blueberries help athletes recover faster. So load up on these cute little packages of mega-energy and awesomeness.

3. Greek Yogurt: protein, need we say more? Toss in a couple of almonds for that extra kick of healthy fats.

4. Sriracha Sauce: apparently a favorite among Olympians, this spicy condiment created a menu of the “greatest hits” at Sochi. (It’s pronounced Sir-Rotch-Ah; you are welcome.)

5. Brinner: Classic breakfast for dinner. Bode Miller, alpine ski gold medalist, is known for using a waffle or two the night before an event.

6.  PB&J: Just as how you used to power up for the playground, the Sochi athletes often reach for this childhood favorite for some pre-training carbs and a boost of protein.

7. Junk: The Sochi athletes are humans too! Cross-country skier Kikkan Randall loves maple glazed doughnuts, Shaun White pigs out on Chinese takeout, and, fortunate for us Ben and Jerry’s Diehards, skier Ted Ligety is an avid ice cream fan.