Eating your feelings is not a new concept. You give in to the tears, to the stress, and soon find yourself downing an entire bottle of red wine while huddled under a table (we feel you, Robin Scherbatsky).


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While comforting at the time, the next-day hangover/sugar crash definitely doesn’t make you feel any better. That’s why we have come up with the perfect solution: you can now totally embrace all your feels by whipping up a dessert inspired by some of the most popular emojis around the world.

1. The Big Heart ❤


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This emoji is about feelin’ the love, and in dessert language nothing says “love” better than a classic chocolate chip cookie — a buttery, gooey, vanilla-infused morsel of cookie heaven, just like the ones your mom used to pull steaming out of the oven. Those were the days, right?

But if you’ve lost your mom’s recipe, try these Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies — they will make your heart (and stomach) want to get up and cheer. Or, if you’re looking for a healthier option, try our rendition of Karlie Kloss’s Kookies.

2. Joy ?


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Tears of joy can mean only one thing: perfection has been achieved. In an ideal world, this would probably mean any dessert that could be eaten off Chris Hemsworth’s abs. Real-life perfection, however, would be an amazing breakfast-dessert mashup like these vegan Oreo pancakes, or an ambrosial salty-sweet pairing like these trail mix cookies, or chocolate and caramel… or fruit and cream… or strawberry and vanilla… Goodness someone stop me…

3. Smirk ?


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This emoji is all about attitude, so its dessert equivalent should definitely pack a little something extra. Achieving the proper level of sass can be as simple as adding a dash of fiery cayenne to your favorite chocolate indulgence.

But for those prepared to take their ‘tude to the next level, we recommend boozy delights like these red wine chocolate cupcakes or these vegan limoncello coconut pops. Luxuriate in your superiority and awesomeness with style and deliciousness.

4. Blush ?


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The rosiness of your cheeks has betrayed your secret: did your crush just catch you staring from across the hall? Have your friends just crowned you the official queen of Candy Crush? Or is the flush due to your epic embarrassment at being caught drooling in public?

If you’re blushing from shame and need to cool your cheeks’ flames, whip up a perfectly chilled dessert like this creamy chocolate mousse. And if you’re blushing from pleasure, break out the celebratory sprinkles.

5. Sob ?


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On some days, the character Sadness from Inside Out seems totally relatable — whether it’s a failed test, a roommate who stole the last of your ice cream, or a bad breakup that’s getting you down, the tears just seem to go on and on.

When this happens, you might automatically start to reach for the nearest Hershey’s bar. But, if you want something that’s both soothing and satisfying, give minty desserts a try. Ingredients like mint extracts and oils can naturally soothe your body, which means that these paleo peppermint patties could be the perfect cure for your blues.

6. Kissing Heart ?


Photo by Beth LeValley

It might not be Valentine’s anymore, but that doesn’t mean love isn’t in the air. If you and your SO can’t keep your hands off each other and need a yummy dessert to match your passion, this red velvet lava cake is the answer. It may look red hot, but don’t be deceived: the only thing this cake is packing is sweet, sweet lusciousness.

And don’t worry: even if you don’t have a significant other, this dessert is no less delicious. Love yourself — by loving this cake. #selfloveisthebestlove

7. Heart Eyes ?


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If you’ve been craving a confection to truly match your enormous, dessert-loving eyes, then you can finally rest easy. This lust-worthy salted caramel milkshake might be matched only by something on the level of these double dark chocolate Reese’s puff pancakes, but either dessert would make for one sweet dining experience.

So, the next time you crave dessert, eat your feelings the right way: by choosing one to match your inner emoji.