If coffee runs through your veins similarly to every other college student you know there is nothing better than a perfect cup of coffee. I’ve gone months without that perfect mix but once you find it you hold onto it. Check out these amazing shops for that perfect place for coffee and a snack.

1. Bloc 11


Photo courtesy of laurenpagewadsworthphotography.com

Bloc 11 has the best coffee and sandwiches. Vegetarians have more wonderful sandwich options than that classic (often the only option) Caprese. It is located in Union Square, Somerville, where you can also get Massachusetts’s best donuts, best Cream of Wheat, an adorable and overpriced Italian grocery store, and a Korean store who sells nuruk without checking your ID.

The only downside: Bloc 11 charges for its wifi.

2. Diesel Cafe


Phot courtesy of @LettuceDine on Instagram

Diesel Cafe is Bloc 11’s sister (founded by the same genius). The coffee here is just as amazing as that in Bloc 11. It is located in vibrant Davis Square, Somerville (next to Cambridge). Diesel’s sandwiches are delicious but not as impressive as  Dave’s Fresh Pasta and Pepe Bocca, two of the best Italian grocery stores in the Greater Boston. Pepe Bocca also has delicious homemade Sicilian pizzas (sold by the pound!) Boston Burger Company is also here.

The downsides: You have to pay for the wifi.

3. Darwin’s LTD


Photo by Alice Zhou

Darwin’s LTD has great sandwiches (you have to try its Magnolia before you die!) and bagels. PSA to all you vegans out there the tofu cream cheese is a must! It’s next to Harvard campus, and you might have problems finding it if you have never been a student or resident around. The easiest way to find it is by locating Harvard Square.

The downside: Trust me, don’t waste your money on coffee here! The high school students here would rather walk across street and become a golden member of Starbucks than get coffee from Darwin’s.

4. Clover


Photo courtesy of cloverfoodlab.com

Clover is every vegans’ heaven. Everything is made without animal product but tastes great and is not pricey. It is expanding in the Greater Boston. You can currently find it in Harvard Square and Kendall Square.

The downside: Black coffee is the only caffeinated thing you can get.

5. Roost


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

Roost has the best coconut cake! I am usually a coconut hater, but I can’t stop thinking about Roost’s amazing cake. They also have some bomb sandwiches and coffee. It is located in downtown Northampton, where you can find some interesting restaurants, expensive jewelry/clothing boutiques, hair salons and a chance to meet some hot Smithies. (Smith College Girls)

The downside: Very crowded! You might not find a seat.

6. Amherst Coffee


Photo by Shelby Ashline

AC has nice coffee and it even serves alcohol. Its latte art is exquisite (something you can’t dream for in Starbucks)! The slow music here makes this coffee shop great for study.

The downside: Many students in the Amherst area flock here for a great cup of coffee and to study. Call first to make sure there are seats available.

7. Pavement Coffeehouse


Photo courtesy of theshot.coffeeratings.com/

Pavement has some amazing coffee. It is next to Berklee School of music on Boylston Street and three minutes away from the Newbury street shops. You will see many young artists carrying their instruments or music books around. Be nice to your barista and cashier, since they might be rubbing elbows with John Mayer or Charlie Puth!

The downside: Sandwiches are mediocre and the options are not really vegetarian-friendly. Also, you can only use the wifi for free for one hour.