On February 5th, which is Nutella’s Birthday, you are officially allowed to indulge in that 5 kg Nutella jar you “jokingly” bought and ruin your “New Year-New Me” sh*t (it’s been a month, give yourself a break). Go ahead and crack that lid open, close your eyes and listen to the sweet satisfying sound of foil peeling off the jar.

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Nutella is bringing people together worldwide to celebrate its 10th birthday. I think I can safely say that this Italian hazelnut paste could be considered one of the most addicting products ever made. It brings so much joy to children, adults, and anyone – and I mean ANYONE – can enjoy a bit of Nutella lovin’ in their lives.

For the artistic one


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Let’s admit it, you need to be coordinated in order to create a braided Nutella bread. Whether you’re expecting company or whether, you know, you’re hungry on a rainy afternoon, this recipe will not fail you aesthetically nor tastefully.

For the simple one


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For my family and me, nothing beats a plain Nutella and banana crepe and you really can’t go wrong here. Nevertheless, if you found these too boring, you can even put a twist on the crepes by cutting them up like sushi rolls (being half-Japanese, I beg you not to though).

For the drunk one


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Honestly, I had my suspicions as well but after trying the Nutella banana grilled cheese sandwich (for the only sake of this article, of course) I was sold. If you’re more of a sweet tooth, you can also try out the Nutella-stuffed hot chocolate French toast. Trust me when I say you will NOT feel bad for having had that extra pint of beer.

For the lazy, poor one


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Trust me, you are not alone in the struggle. However, celebrating Nutella day between lectures becomes a possibility with these mini Nutella croissants. Even easier, we’ve got Nutella cake in a mug. Basically, all you need is a mug, Nutella and a microwave, and if you have neither well… I really don’t know what to say.

For the doughnut-obsessed one


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I bet you thought that you had enough of doughnuts. Well, I know how you feel, but these are simply a classic: Nutella-stuffed doughnut muffins. They couldn’t bring you anything but pure happiness as gooey Nutella melts from the inside of a cinnamon-sugar covered piece of heaven. AND they’re technically muffins.

For the sporty one


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Those out there trying to stay fit and healthy through this, let’s be honest, sacred holiday, look no further. This Nutella and banana granola is so amazing it will fool your brain as well as your scale. Topped with some greek yogurt and fresh fruit, you will feel as healthy as Kayla Itsines or one of those Instagram fitness inspo’s (well… almost).

For the gluten free one


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You have not been forgotten. We would never want to make you feel excluded from such a wondrous celebration, so enjoy this guilt-free banana and Nutella greek yogurt bark. Not only is it gluten free, but it’s also GUILT-Free (I’m funny). If you’re still not satisfied, one these 10 gluten free Nutella recipes might convince you.


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So finally, happy birthday, Nutella! You’ve been in our lives for a mere ten years but we can’t imagine coming home from school without you, going through a break-up without you, binge-eating without you or, let’s face it, spending a regular Monday night without you.