We’ve all been there: that defining moment when you can’t find your name on any of the place cards at the adults’ table and you realize although you’re in college, you’re still considered a child by your family.

You sulk over to the *sigh* kids’ table where you find your place card between your baby cousin sitting in a highchair and your younger sister who has just graduated to her very own big-girl seat. But hey, at least you got your mocktails to keep you company. Prepare for your inevitable placement at the kids’ table by spicing things up among the younger generation with some virgin drinks that will (hopefully) keep you off the naughty list.

1. Milk and Cookie Shots

Photo by Helena Lin

Santa isn’t the only one who gets milk and cookies this Christmas. These chocolate chip cookie shot glasses will surely be a hit among all ages, and as they say, start ’em young to raise ’em right.

#SpoonTip: Take it from us: sometimes desserts upstage alcohol. Just sometimes. 

2. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Photo by Karina Rao

With all of the perks of hot cocoa (without the need for a mug), you won’t have to deal with burned tongues or tears as the only adult at the kids’ table. Somewhere between a milkshake and chocolate milk, this drink is a must-try.

3. (Eggnog

Photo by Kevin Del Orbe

What’s the best way to spread Christmas cheer, you ask? Singing loud for all to hear? Yes, that and eggnog. This classic Christmas drink literally tastes like Santa, plus it’s an acquired taste (which means more for you).

#SpoonTip: Add some rum if you’re 21 to make spiked eggnog, the ultimate Christmas cocktail. 

4. Virgin Cranberry Margarita


Photo by Parker Luthman

A little cranberry will show the kids you have adult interests… Despite the fact that you couldn’t quite manage to snag a seat among them. We’ve got you covered with this mocktail.

5. Mocktail Cake


Photo by Eileen Wang

Although this cake is technically not a mocktail, it will without a doubt get you chocolate wasted, the only enjoyable state to be in while sitting with the younger generation.

#SpoonTip: For your sanity, add the Kahula. 

6. Cranberry-Apple Cider Punch

Photo courtesy of sayyes.com

This is the jungle juice you can (and should) drink. Made with apple cider, ginger ale, cranberry and orange juices, this fizzy cran-apple cider drink will pack a little punch at the kids’ table.

#SpoonTip: You can make this an “adult friendly” drink by adding whiskey and/or apple liqueur (for those of you who have graduated to the adult table, of course).

7. Mock Winter Sangria

Photo courtesy of ohsodelicioso.com

So you can’t have the sangria, huh? No fear, this mock winter sangria will be sure to cool your jets as you sit among the kids and fend off their questions about the existence of Santa.

#SpoonTip: If you want to relax with a warm drink amidst the hyperactivity at the kids’ table, you can upgrade this mocktail to cider sangria.

By the end of the night, you might, just maybe, start to think that the kids’ table isn’t so bad. But then again:

Gif courtesy of mtv.mtvnimages.com